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The Me Project

After my last post, I decided to actually make this a thing.  I made a list of the physical and mental things that I feel are standing in my way of feeling good.  Some things that made the list are
Achey feet and hips
Lack of closeness in my relationships
Stuffy sinuses
Dry skin
Stiff muscles
Lack of smell and taste

The list goes on and on.  Some things I may be able to fix and some may take research and or doctor visits, etc.  I have decided to work on some of those things I can fix, and I am going to try and do at least a few things each day that make me feel good.  Last night I did some yoga because I was feeling extra stiff.  I found This video and it made me feel pretty good, there is a lot of neck rolling and light stretching.  I like her personality and the message to breathe in love. She even says during it, that what you are doing is self-love.  So I may try some more of her yoga videos because I do agree that it is self love, and when you are done and feeling fa…

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