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I took two extra days off before this weekend's exam and boy I needed it! Thursday I saw the orthopedic surgeon about my knee. He keeps a very brisk pace in his office. I was wisked into the X-ray room, then to the office where I was barely seated before they slapped a blood pressure cuff on me (151/97 ouch) and I spent roughly 20 minutes with the doctor. It happened to be a "good day" where my knee wasn't swollen yet and the nasty clicking it does was a few hours away yet. To be fair, I didn't really want to be told I need surgery right now, but I'm keeping in mind that I would like to be under my husband's good union insurance when it does come to that point. The Dr told me, without an MRI, he can tell I have arthritis and a bone spur in/on the knee, but since I'm still getting around OK we are going to be conservative. He's recommending Glucosamine/Chondrointin for 3 months to see if it makes a difference. When the pain and swelling get to b

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