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Feeling Fabulous and a Binge Trigger Discovered

I was a little concerned with making sure I stuck to my yoga challenge over the weekend, because my husband was off and we had plans both Saturday and Sunday, but I made a few changes in my personal schedule, sacrificed sleeping in too long and showed up on the mat. Er, carpet, as it were, but my mat is ordered and on the way! 
Day 6 was abs.  Boy did I feel that! And two days later, I still feel it!  It may sound strange, but I like having sore abs, it somehow makes them feel tighter and psychologically makes me feel taller and more lean.  I'll take the psychological gains until the real ones come.  Both feel great! 
Day 7 was a longer half hour session, and it was focused on sides of the torso.  We did side planks.  I was able to keep up and even lifted one arm to the sky for a few seconds.  I felt like Wonder Woman. 
Today, Day 8, was another half hour class and we did some more core stuff.  Today we did some long lasting deep squats and I had to push through my mind telling…

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