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Chasing the Present Summary

Like most things I take on in a quest to improve my mental health, the Chasing the Present summit through Hay House was a mixed bag of things, sometimes a bit of a challenge to get through, sometimes uplifting, and sometimes my skeptical mind just took it all with a grain of salt. I’m happy I took the time to investigate it though because I did get a lot out of it and I think, overall, I will be able to look back on it as a tool that I’m glad I had. I will preface this summary by saying the lessons taught are largely, if not completely, Buddhist. Some of the main themes that ran through the series of videos were: Attachment causes suffering. Identifying with who you think you are in the material world is a false sense of self. In order to find your true self you need to go internal. Breath work, yoga and meditation are valuable tools to uncover the truth within, that you are infinite and not defined by the material world. When we try to numb or escape from our emotions they …

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