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Don't know why I was so drained yesterday, but I got a great night's sleep and ended up feeling a lot better today. I didn't plan a different breakfast, perse, so I had a bagel for breakfast again and I found myself villifying it in my mind oh my gosh, that so many carbs and then I told myself to settle down, it's not like I'm eating ice cream for breakfast. But even if I did, it's just food, it's just one meal, it doesn't change the things about me that matter. Sometimes I do lose focus on those little details.  So I relaxed and enjoyed my bagel and then hit the mat for day 8. 
Today's class was called Salve, as in, everything you need to heal your body is already within.  I really enjoyed this one, even though it wasn't a sweaty session, more smooth stretching.  I really felt the connection between my breath and the movement which gave me a warm, happy buzz. Before I began the yoga, I was feeling a little stress because I was running a little…

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