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Wednesday's Gift of Energy

Yesterday was a tough day to get through.  I was so drained of energy all day and it was Day 6 of my current 30-day yoga challenge (Yoga with Adriene "Yoga Camp" series) and that means abs day.  This particular Day 6 was grueling!  By the time I got done I felt a little nauseated from all the blood rushing into these muscles I don't train often. I dragged myself through the day, barely awake, with a sinus headache I wouldn't wish on anyone, and my ears felt so over-sensitive that by the time I got home I just wanted to eat something high fat and snuggle in a fuzzy blanket in a quiet room.  We got Subway for dinner and that really hit the spot after a calorie-deficient day (work got in the way of eating unfortunately).  I started to feel better after that and added a hot bubble bath for good measure.  At the end of the night I told myself that if I felt that drained in the morning that I would skip yoga and get a little extra sleep. 
Fortunately, I slept so good and …

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