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My sweet vacation brought me back to a good place, restoring sanity and a little bit of calmness I had been lacking most of the year.  Then I went back to work and man!  It has been so busy at work.  I don't mind working hard, but the mental effect of having so much work that I can't get caught up with one thing before the next load drops on me, that's just one of the aspects of my job that is mentally exhausting.  I feel like I am doing the work that 2 people should be doing, not one and the demands come at me from all angles.  I do think that the end of June will bring about some sort of balance for me at work though, as vital flex spending month ends and we settle into the hot, dry part of summer. 
Yesterday someone posted a video with Arnold Schwarzenegger's words about the keys to success.  I am a strange mix of person, both drawn into personal story and inspired, but still skeptical.  The video flows through different, really flattering photos of him when he was…

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