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New Groove

This week has been particularly challenging for my household.  My older son has had the nastiest headcold I think I have ever seen him have in all his 16 years.  The near-constant coughing and fevers, add to it the pukes from coughing so hard, bloody noses galore, and it's finals week at school so he was not staying home for anything.  Only because I know his throwing up was from a stomach bug, I let him go because I know he would be so very stressed if he missed his finals.  Now the younger son is starting to catch it and I'm doing everything in my power to deny the fact that my throat is getting scratchy and my nose is a little stuffy.  I'm flooding myself with zinc and vitamins in hopes that I can fend it off but I won't be surprised if I catch it.  It just seems to be like that kind of winter for me. 
I was so sapped of energy on Monday that I didn't work out, despite having extra time.  I slept horribly that night but still woke early Tuesday figuring I could…

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