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The Starbucks Lie Exposed

The weather has taken a very Wisconsiny turn, as it were, and we are getting a bunch of snow.  It has been very well broadcast on the news and on social media and everyone is just simply talking about "the snow".  For someone who has anxiety and panic attacks about driving in snow, the huge build up, with expected amounts and arrival times, builds up my anxiety.  Yet, I want to feel prepared so I look at it all anyway. 
So the snow started overnight on Monday and it has been snowing lightly off and on since. The build up had me very nervous about my drive home last night (yes, it was slippery but I did fine), about my drive to work (much worse this morning, I was very stressed and shakey when I got to work) and about my drive home tonight (I am hoping it will be clearer tonight than my morning drive was.  I also have to get my son and I to the chiropractor tonight with not a lot of time to spare in between getting off work, getting home slowly and then getting us there.  Lu…

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