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A New Tool

I have had a bit of a sagging spirit lately, I've been running circles in my head over this whole not-dieting thing.  I am feeling bad about how I look and I keep thinking about jumping on the diet wagon again.  Admittedly, I haven't read Geneen's book in a while, I am sure the beginning stages are bound to be a little messy, but I just feel like I'm even failing at NOT dieting.  I should be getting better at not putting food in my mouth when I'm not hungry.  Weekends are really kind of a free-for-all and I know it needs to change.  More on that later.  So this kinda-wanna-diet-but-I-know-how-it'll-end-up thing is really making me irritable, because this is so slow.  In my head I try to remember that the slower it is lost, the better chance of having less skin issues later.  Also, I feel like I would have a much better chance at keeping it off doing it this way.  Still, I felt like I needed a little help.  So I first searched up weight loss success stories.  I …

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