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Looking Down and Forward

I have been feeling like I am losing weight lately, so I finally broke down and weighed myself.  When I first went on blood pressure medicine mid-July, I weighed just shy of 201 pounds.  Today I am 188 with shoes on.  I have resisted weighing because it can play with my emotions.  In the past when I weighed every day (and in many cases, several times a day) it could really put me in a terrible mood if it wasn't what I wanted to see on the scale.  Sometimes I was even doing two workouts a day and the scale wouldn't budge and I would just want to give up and eat junk because I felt it just shouldn't be that hard to get the scale to move.  But I guess I can see some benefit to weighing in weekly or biweekly, to see if there is any progress.  Right now I am not really exercising.  I make excuses and I know that's what they are.  I would have to get up early or do it after work.  Either one could potentially work and I know it would make me feel good.  I am just lazy.  And …

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