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Rocking On and the Island

Every year, my husband and I like to take a weekend to go to our favorite little island at the tip of Wisconsin, Washington Island.  It is the most laid-back, unplugged place.  I mean, all weekend long we were drenched in sweat because only 1 of the places we went on the island had air conditioning.  It becomes exponentially more expensive to ferry someone in to hook things up and service the units, so most places simply don't have it.  And, there aren't that many days of the year that we Wisconsinites need A/C.  Anyway, my husband and I are charmed to pieces with the place, and we begin looking forward to our escape before winter even hits. 
This time, because I wanted my thyroid checked and didn't want to wait, I established care with a doctor who does not belong to the clinic I work for.  She was everything about what makes us intimidated by doctors, so cold and abrasive.  She made a snap judgement about me and my weight and without asking any questions about my diet o…

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