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So Close!

Well, week one of my little challenge is in the bag.  I really only got in about half a week but I did really give it the old college try!  Here's how it ended up:

So close!  My nasty little Aunt Flo came for a visit near the end of the week and really made my whole body just ache like I was getting sick, so I didn't push myself to get to goal.  With my strange butt muscle cramp type thing (think it's piriformis) and my hips clunking and popping (think it's IT band issue/snapping hip syndrome) I am lucky I got those steps in at all!  I did finally pull out my real walking shoes and it makes a slight difference.  They are, at least, lighter and breathable and have a nice supportive sole. 
With hormones shifting I did let loose a little on food this weekend, but for some reason my stomach was not really cooperating, started feeling bad after I had lunch at church, which isn't too insane of food. I have been extra tired and worn down lately too and then this morning …

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