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Begrudgingly, Yay!

So here on Day one of the millionth 'refire' of a diet, it is 3pm and I've already doubted that this is the right time to start restricting.  That is a knee-jerk reaction to not wanting to have to be accountable.  It is also in response to my head feeling like a Mac truck is sitting in my eyebrows (massive sinus headache) and pouring rain which is set to turn to freezing rain (read, the roads will be a death trap) and the news I got from the dentist today...well lets just say all I want to do is bury myself in a tub of ice cream and sleep for days. 
The tooth I have spent a year, gone to 4 different dental professionals for and have spent piles of money on, is a mess.  It started as a simple crack.  It didn't hurt, but I knew I should have it looked at.  Root canal, crown lengthening, and back to my regular dentist to try to crown it, but some tissue is in the way, so she sent me to this doc today who was going to laser the tissue, implant a post and lay a crown on it…

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