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Week Off has me “Off”

This week I am off work, which should have me calm, relaxed and on my way to total rejuvenation.  Except it doesn’t.  What’s that saying about idle hands?  This always happens to me when I have time off, whether it is a few hours or a whole week, I plan to conquer everything I, my family and my house have ever needed in the history of existence and then I get stressed out that no matter how great I try to manage my time, I am not superhuman.  Then my mood sinks and time goes fast and before I know it I am heading back to work for more of the monotony.  Why can’t I just revel in the moment of having extra time to myself to do whatever I want?  Probably because I spend so much time thinking about the future, which if you didn’t know, is a characteristic of someone who has anxiety!  I  actually don’t feel anxious about anything in particular but this week I am ultra aware of how quickly time passes and I don’t feel like I’ve spent much time just relaxing, my down time has been spent plan…

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