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Staying the Course

My foot is slowly getting a little better.  I am still limping, it still hurts, but I'm thinking about it less.  I did get some Dr. Scholls inserts from one of their "foot mapping" stations.  Contrary to what the podiatrist told me, it says I have low arches.  I've been wearing the inserts since Sunday and don't notice much difference.  I'm not discounting that I have a deformed foot and high arches and I agree that some arch support is probably called for, but this doesn't fix whatever the large snap was in my foot.  I still really don't know because the podiatrist wasn't confident that he knew.  At any rate, I'm living with this foot.  Things still cause discomfort but I can tell whatever it was is ever so slowly healing.  I don't know if I will keep these inserts.  I may just invest in better shoes. 
My eating has been very sane lately.  I am not fighting with my brain.  I did have a good cheat meal on Sunday when my family went out fo…

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