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Don't Forget Joy

My testament for Diatomaceous Earth is that it kills just about everything.  Fast.  One treatment and the fleas are a thing of the past.  Oh how wonderful it is to sleep again!  That is one big itchy lesson learned!  Plus, having to vacuum every day was a huge eye opener as to how much hair my family loses on the daily!  Anyway, I am so happy to say we are moving on from that fiasco!
With Monthly Meany easing up I can also start to turn my focus back to things that make me feel good.  The kids have about 3 weeks of school left, then I will gain a whole extra hour in the mornings.  I plan to take my dog for real walks instead of just bringing around the conservency, which is probably where he got the fleas in the first place.  It will be good in several ways, gets us both exercise, helps me feel more awake, and I'll have a better chance to train him leash skills more consistently.  Plus, I can drink in all the beauty of the morning, hear the birds chirping more and see the sunrise.…

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