Rocking On

My youngest son turned 9 today; funny, it feels like we've already shared a lifetime of laughter and memories, it's hard to believe how fast time flies.  
I am doing good right now, I'm strong even when I don't want to be, sometimes out of true inner strength, sometimes out of tricking myself using gum or a healthy snack, and sometimes by chance.  Today it was by chance.  I got pulled over and ticketed shortly before work, and as much as I was trying to "let it go" when I got to work, it put me in a foul mood.  But, it was so busy at work today that I barely got a chance to eat my good food, much less think about eating other stuff.  I missed a meal today and I only got part of a raw food bar in me to make up for it, so on my way home from work, I was craving a chocolate-frosted donut like CRAZY.  But I knew why I was feeling that way so I ignored the craving and rushed home to a sensible dinner before diving into my son's homework.  I can only chalk it up to a crazy day.  
I can tell my body is changing for the better, but I am not going to weigh or measure except for the 1st of the month. I used to weigh every day, but it led me on an emotional roller coaster so no more of that business!  I'm nervously looking forward to seeing where I'm at in a few days.  No matter what the numbers reveal, it is info I can use to drive me forward.  
Hope you are having a great start to your week!  I'm going to keep rocking on because I know the only one that can stop me is me.


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