Today pushed me around like a punk!  And it is just one in a string of days that have been like this since Spring Break ended.  My older son, who has an alphabet of letters to discribe his disorders, is completely off his ADHD medicine due to a severe increase in tics, and we can't get in to see his doctor for 2 more weeks.  Because he has Autism, he has a fairly patient team of people who work with him, but they are also trying to ween him off support he won't have when he goes to middle school next year.  So what he doesn't get done at school comes home as homework, and for someone who (off meds) has difficulty regulating emotions and maintaining focus, means A BUTTLOAD of homework every night.  And the fact that his focus isn't any better at home means that by the time I get through a busy day of working alone on my office, picking up the kids, getting homework done with them and helping ease them to sleep, I am so exhausted I feel like I've been through a personal tornado!  
Whew!  Tonight I did actually have a half hour gap between homework and bedtime, so I indulged in a bubble bath,  which was a better choice than the wine I'd been fantasizing about after I shut the lights off in my office tonight.  
Despite it all, I have been doing well on my eating, or at least, I feel like I have.  My first week on Garcinia Cambogia I lost 3 pounds and 6 inches!  I was so excited and started dreaming of fitting back into some outfits that have been collecting dust in my closet since my regain.  My second week was a disappointment, with a gain of 1 pound and 1 inch.  I felt thinner, more tone, and it was expecting the measuring tape to confirm, but it just wasn't there for me.   I know it is no big deal, but I just feel like I have to exert so much more to see any result, and then it is fleeting.  It frustrates me so much that I have considered going over my internalist's head and seeing an endocrine doc to see if they can give me answers.  I'm sick of being so exhausted and gaining weight so quickly/having such a hard time getting it off, even when I stick to healthy food and workout.  I just have a gut feeling that something is not right about that.  
On the oh-so-positive side, I am happy to report that my hip and knee have been feeing really good lately, must be the warmer weather and all the stretching/ strengthening.  I am delighted to walk with much less pain!  Hopefully that means a fun summer ahead!
Hope your week is off to a great start!


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