Untended Garden

I've been noticing how affected I am by all the emotions swirling around me; people spewing their angry, mindless colors around me and I am like the shiny garden fixture, reflecting shades of moon-glint and bitter.  I am getting myself tangled in everyone else's thorns because I am allowing myself to take on their work while my own garden cries of neglect, of soil-rot and dry stalks left untended too long.  The sky is losing all its color like it had the stomach flu and the sun is on vacation.  I am ready for some quiet but the wind just won't die down, it keeps blowing my noisy, dry leaves in my garden like angry whispers, feed me, nourish me, give me attention, love me!  I have neglected, deflected and reflected so many things that I am lost somewhere behind all of that, in the quiet of a sleepless midnight or the hum of traffic on the highway.  I am that goose who didn't fly south, still looking for something good despite the laws of nature, but I'm not a goose with a broken wing, I'm different; I have a choice.  I allow myself to feel trapped by not realizing I am already free, I just need to stop ignoring my own garden.


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