Kicking my Own Butt is Fun

I'm convinced that Day 2 of the yoga challenge made my Monthly start.  Ha ha.  It kicked my butt in a good way and by the end when we lay in corpse pose and just breathe deep I was feeling pretty alive.  This workout had more leg stuff in it and I guess I didn't realize how weak my legs have gotten over the past few years because I avoid a lot of stuff with my legs due to not wanting to irritate my knee that I had surgery on.  I treat it as if it will fall apart if I exert myself at all and that's just not the case.  In fact, strengthening my legs, hips and glutes will help protect my knees and keep things aligned better.  So I am going to do my best to do all the moves in this program, to at least try everything.  There were times I surprised myself today and it felt good to be challenged in a way that will lead to growth in physical ways, better balance and ease of motion, and mentally, to know I can do things I thought I couldn't.  I'm no yoga master, but I can hang with Adrienne for the entire 33 minutes and I didn't have to skip anything except when we sit on top of folded knees, that one really bothers my knee so I modify to a better position for me.
The positive benefits are really waking me up.  I have more energy and a more positive attitude, which makes me want to eat better. Drinking tons of water is no problem.  I feel like I can focus better and that somehow everything I do feels a little easier.  Now, I know these are just side effects of the endorphins coursing through me, but whatever it is, I feel good so I am going to keep on keeping on. 
This all brings me back to this thought I have bumped up against so many times in my life, all the times I am conflicted on what to do with my weight or desired control of it:
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That's so right.  I used not knowing what to do as an excuse to do nothing.  Guess how doing nothing made me feel?  Not good, not energetic, not happier; it made me feel stuck and miserable.  So now my momentum is just to do some good things for me, not really focusing on the weight at all, and to see how I FEEL.  Because I believe that making decisions from a place that already doesn't feel good is a little like asking a sad person to dance to a happy song, there's going to be a fight to make it happen. 
Going to keep it short and sweet today, I just wanted to check in and say Day 2 kicked my butt but I conquered it!  My muscles are a little shaky which means I used them for once, and it wasn't torture, it was actually kind of fun. 


  1. Glad you are enjoying it! I love starting the day with something that sets a positive tone that I can build on.

    1. Neca, It sure does make a difference! Makes it feel like the sun is shining instead of always partly cloudy!

  2. Good for you for hanging the whole time...even though it kicked your butt! It will get easier and you are so right about how it will actually help you knee!!!

    1. MaryFran, so true. I am learning about my finicky brain and how it sabatoges me! I actually have less aches and pains in general. Win-Win!


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