Keto Boredom

Sometimes in life, we just buck-up and do what must be done, and in doing so we realize that it's really not that bad being responsible. There's a sense of pride that comes from doing what we know we should, despite the temptation to indulge in the delicious rebellion that comes from doing what we know we shouldn't.
I am on day 3 of getting back to some sense of responsible eating. I am doing a ketogenic diet, basically phase 1 of South Beach Diet, which means clean proteins and some veggies with some fats. I have committed to keto in a long time because it bores me to tears, and I haven't had the mental energy to dedicate to planning meat-free, low carb meals. But I have been letting things slide for too long, and my carb cravings were out of control.
I feel pretty good so far. I've dropped 4 pounds of water in 3 days, and while it might be pure coincidence, my knee feels much better since I dumped the excess carbs. My main goal in going keto was to break the sugar addiction, and I think it has been successful already, but I think I'll continue at least through the weekend to give it at least a full week. It isn't something I can continue very long, as I am struggling to find palatable options that are accepted on plan. The only "meat" I'm eating right now is tuna, which I have on a salad covered with veg and lime juice/olive oil. My other protein sources are pistachios, natural peanut butter, eggs, refried beans and low fat cheese. I don't think about food much on keto, but I'm constantly starving. My husband told me to learn to appreciate it, because that means my body is processing my food very efficiently, and using the good stuff. I'm not excited about my journey right now, but as my body starts changing again, I think I will be. Now that my knee is feeling better every day, I can start turning my attention back to the gym. I don't relish the thought of getting out of bed early to head out in freezing, blowing weather, but I can't only do healthy things part of the year.
So here I am, beginning again, half-heartedly, hoping I've learned enough to make it stick this time.
Here goes nothing! Again.


  1. The diet doesn't sound that boring, stick with it. I've signed up to do a race at the beginning of March called The Major. It's 10k through woods with lots of obstacles like barbed wire and freezing water. I've not done one of these before and normally only run for 3 miles. Having a goal like this is helping me stick to my fitness regime.

    1. Wow! That sounds like quite the event! I hope you'll treat us to a blog with photos after!

  2. When I had gestational diabetes, (eating few, & ONLY the GOOD Carbs) I felt, I was HUNGRY...&, starving the baby too. *But, I lost 4 pounds, in 1 month...&, the Dr. assured me, the baby was getting everything he needed. (It all goes to them, 1st. ;) *Anyway, & know, it WORKS! :) (BAD/too much Carbs) are my vice, as well. (&, not necessarily...the sweet variety.) I CRAVE them, TOO. *But, a nice FRESH/LARGE salad, (on the side) HELPS...FOR ME! ;)

  3. I've spent some time looking into different ideas about diet: how acidity affects the body, how inflammation affects the body, even how dopamine levels affect the body. The good carb/clean protein still makes the most sense for me. And, honestly, eating South Beach style isn't too different from the way most of these diets recommend. I am just having a little tougher time because I'm moving away from meat more and more because I just don't find most of it palatable right now. You and I will get it all figured out at some point. Then, look out world!

  4. Tell me about it...inflammation, affects...EVERYTHING! THAT, is MY problem, TOO! :/ :( MOOD/motivation...are even MORE difficult (now.)


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