This week I have been more on-track than I have in the past couple weeks.  I have not gone quietly and it isn't always smooth, like when I got to work on Tuesday and discovered I had a quarter tub of gummy bears left at work and decided I needed to "get rid" of them if I was going to be successful so I ate them all that day.  And then went about my business eating salads and low-carb the rest of the day.  This week has been more about me trying something, but going into it kicking and screaming.  I have had some moments of great restraint in the face of stress, but I've also given in a time or two.  The nice thing is, I don't feel emotionally wrecked from any of it, it just happens and I move on, productive or not. 
I am so seriously looking forward to that precious extra time when my kids are on summer break.  An extra hour in the morning for me, and free time at night.  It sounds like bliss!  I plan on using that time productively to rejuvenate myself.  I roughed out a schedule of what I could potentially fit into that free time and if I actually follow through, I could end up feeling pretty good by the end of summer.  My extra things include stretching/strengthening, cardio, facial care (I totally slack on moisturizing right now), meditation, journaling and monitoring my blood pressure regularly.  I am looking forward to the luxury of having time to focus on my needs; taking a break from taking care of everything/one else for a few short months.  I have also been thinking about trying to challenge myself with my Fitbit, either one of their programs or making something up on my own, a step goal for the day or week.  I always have lofty goals before summer hits, I hope this year I stick to at least some of them.  I really am starting to feel old, especially with a recent emergence of piriformis muscle tightness that has been interfering with sleep and making me dread walking across the room much less walking for exercise.  Stretching and strenthening is helping a little bit, I just feel like I need something to give a good deep pOp!  My body is telling me I am neglecting it and if I don't take care of these things now they are going to get worse fast.  I don't want to have pain while walking.  I get between 8,000-11,000 steps in each day.  That's a lot to bear when every one of the hurts.  This is a very recent thing, so I am hoping what I'm doing will reverse it quickly, but I'm not above going to a chiropractor if need be. 
Anyway, I feel a little sapped emotionally/physically today, it's just one of those things I guess, interrupted sleep patterns and heavy dream activity plus just life happening around me.  Oh well, grumpy is as grumpy does, right?  I guess I will refer to the wise one and bid you all a fantastic day!


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