My Gym

My gym looks like the 80's had a party and forgot to invite the cool kids.  My gym looks like a retirement community where the clients and the slightly younger staff vie for most time spent watching infomercials while zoning out on the treadmills, hanging on for dear life as if the machine was about to give them a wild ride.  My gym has guys slinging weights as if they are trying to throw something out of their hands, then dropping the weights loudly and grunt-panting afterword.  My gym has an obnoxiously-bright orange locker room and hand-painted walls that look like the pattern of a stock chart, painted by what I can only assume is an eight year old.  My gym has tiny Asian women who fling themselves back and forth on ab machines, trying to flatten their already-really-flat abs.  My gym has really mellow music in the morning.  My gym has obese ladies who love to swim, and look the same as they did months ago.  My gym has elderly men with long white hair, who love to sit in the sauna with very little clothing.
My gym has posters that inspire me about core training and being strong enough to carry the weight of the world, and about having arms to make my friends jealous.  My gym has a HUGE room for group workouts or in case one feels like trying out their closeted passion for tumbling routines.  My gym is filled with really friendly, normal people.  My gym has mirrors that flatter me.  :)  My gym has weights I've never seen before (like 12.5 pounds).  My gym has character because it isn't all neon, which cheerleader look-a-likes all running around in booty shorts trying to get attention.  My gym is gritty and raw and I'm so glad to be back!


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    1. Thanks! Next time you're in Green Bay, I'll bring you there ;)


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