A Good Day for a Story

My energy made a comeback this weekend, and it was so very welcome!  I even had enough energy to bring my kids to an amusement park, and stand in long lines.  In the blazing sun.  I got way too much sun this weekend, but I starting to feel the days getting shorter, and I'm stating to think of all the things that might be our "last chance" to do them before we move to California next April.  
This morning, when my alarm went off, it was a pleasant surprise that I didn't even question whether or not to get up, I felt good, so I got up and hit the gym.  My husband's schedule accommodated it, and I couldn't waste the opportunity.  I trained back and biceps. I think one of the reasons I love to train back is because it is probably the muscle group that I have the strongest mind-muscle connection, and can really visualize.  And maybe that comes from looking at my husband's muscular back, it helps me picture the muscles I'm using.  I didn't hate training biceps as much as usual today, probably because I actually had the strength to do it, instead of leaving the gym feeling depleted and regretful.  I felt that awesome post-workout buzz today, and let out a huge, happy sigh.  As I started home to get ready for work, I thought about my weight regain and all the obstacles I've gone through recently. Without irritation or judgement, I thought, I was on my way to being a really great success story, but these things knocked me off my course.  And then I thought about some of the great stories I've read in my day and I realized that just because you put a book down for awhile, doesn't mean the story won't go on, it'll still be there waiting for you when the time is right.  I don't know if that's now or later or somewhere in between, so I'm going to stop sweating it and roll with the punches.  Today I had energy, and I used it wisely.  I don't look any different or have a different life than I did yesterday or last week, but today was still a triumph because I didn't let it slip by with regret.  I didn't change the world, but I change my day.  And my outlook on tomorrow.  My story will never be finished.  And that's ok with me.  Who doesn't like a good mystery?


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