Doing Good

I have been doing well, despite my lack of blogging lately.  I am finding it easier to push myself in the gym, and am not having a negative reaction to the exertion.  
I have been really successful with food as well, turning down junk that I really wanted, even in the face of stress.  I don't really know what magic potion I used, but I have been using a lot of self-talk lately, and trying to focus on the goal instead of the temporary trigger.  I'm happy it's working.  I am always glad to back to a point where I don't think (obssess) about food as much, it makes the process much easier.  
I think I've struck a reasonable balance right now, I'm not constantly thinking about diet and exercise, but I'm getting things done.  My supplements are kicking in and I am feeling relaxed right now, which is a blessing.  
Things are good, I feel pretty good.  I'm slowly making progress through healthy changes.  What more could a girl ask for?


  1. I've been lax in my blogging also but it is good to hear you are doing well. Don't give up.


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