Water Therapy

Today I had what I would consider a normal amount of energy for someone my age, and that is a huge deal, because it has been more than a month since I've been able to say that.  It was bittersweet, it felt good, but it also made me realize how bad I normally feel.  I've been hemming and hawing over whether or not to see an endocrinologist to have more or better testing done, but I feel like I'm going over my doctor's head.  Not only is that uncomfortable for me as a patient, but my doctor works in the same building as me, and is also my customer; she comes to have her eyeglasses adjusted from time to time.  And the only endocrinologist for the health clinic I work for is more than an hours drive away.  I was considering just waiting until I have a day off in September,  but after seeing a fellow blogger post about finally getting a diagnosis, it makes me want to have it done quicker.  That means both going over my doctor's head AND going to a competing health facility!  But my health is most important.  Pride is nothing.  I know something is not right with my health and I need to be my own best advocate.   
I didn't read or meditate much over the weekend, but I did do something else really good for the soul, went to a place called Door County.  It is a peninsula just north of Green Bay, and it is full of beaches, vineyards, art galleries and quaint shops.  I've never been to Cape Cod, but to me, being in Door County feels how I imagine the Cape would feel.  
One of the places we went to had a huge tower (75 ft tall if memory serves) and you can imagine the number of stairs!  I wasn't sure my knee could handle them, but I made it up and down fine.  The view from the top was so amazing!  As many times as I go to Door County I never tire of the water and the plush green trees just everywhere!  We had so much fun, we will probably go back this weekend and stay overnight.  
My knees are feeling that climb a little today, two days later, but it is a good feeling to have slight soreness instead of being so sore I don't want to walk.  It made me realize that my knee can handle that much and still be ok.  I am using the knee as an excuse when it doesn't need to be.  
I am hoping I feel good tomorrow again, but I'm not holding my breath.  And I will schedule that appointment tomorrow, despite the discomfort of doing so.  It's worth it to know.
Hope you are all having an awesome week!


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