Small Changes

What a difference a day makes!  I am not trying to make it seem like today was top notch, but I felt better emotionally and physically today.  I felt attractive and was in better control of my stress level, I even made some customers laugh today, which felt awesome.  A few things were different about today: I actually got less sleep but felt better-rested, I drank a ton more water, and I was having inner-dialogue and reasoning sessions with myself all day.  I was craving sweets and didn't have any with me, but I found a couple Wint-o-green Lifesavers (my least favorite flavor, which worked in my favor) and a sugar-free peppermint disc.  It worked.  My face feels and looks so much better even with just one washing. I am pretty amazed at how it is taking care of itself, no moisturizer needed.  I realized after the fact that I'd taken too much Vitamin D3 yesterday and am wondering if that may have contributed to my low energy.  It may have been ovulation too, the hormone shifts in my body are tumultuous these days!  Lol.  Or, at very least, I am becoming increasingly aware of the changes.  
I did a short meditation session, some stretching and some massage with my fo roller.  As soon as I finished with all that, my knee felt better.  
I can't guarantee I'll be cheerful and energetic tomorrow, but for now, the small changes are a significant help!


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