A Wheel for my Wagon

It might be Friday, but boy oh boy did I get out of bed on the wrong note today! 
My alarm interrupted me in the middle of a dream, and the usually happy event of hearing The Clash (my alarm sound) and the warm wet dog kisses that greet me to tell me it's time to give up the wonderful, cozy covers I'm under, managed to only make me want to pretend it was Saturday and stay in bed.  I stumbled groggily to the living room and the first thing I said to my husband was negative, something about hating it when I get woken up in the middle of a dream because it makes me feel extra tired all day. 
The dog managed to add to my stress, making me trapse around outside at 5:20 am( so dark out)  for 40 minutes only to refuse to relieve himself.  He's quite stubborn when it comes to that.  This all made me too late to get ready for work, so I ran around getting the kids ready, fixing breakfasts and lunches and triple repeating myself "Brush your teeth!" while running around like a maniac.  Kids made the bus, I jet back home to try and give the dog one last chance at going, he instead finds a lovely sample of some other doggy's poo to sample.  This, after just a couple weeks ago he got such a bad stomach from poo-eating that I ended up cleaning up his doggy-mess all over my stairs for 3 days straight!  By the time I left for work, traffic was terrible, and I was running late, still not having done anything with my messy hair.  I finally gave up the fight and bought some of my favorite vice:
I decided that, since I was in such a foul mood and I know food won't help it, drinking a few calorie-free drinks with caffeine would help.  I have cut way back on my consumption of Diet Coke in recent weeks, so this really really feels like a treat!  And, I was thinking that, while it's great to work on eliminating it eventually, maybe trying to quit it cold-turkey when I'm also cutting back sweets and carbs is setting myself up for a harder time than I need.  I am well aware of the controversy of many of the ingredients and that it is just generally not good for me, but for now, for days like this, it's a hell of a lot better for me than a family sized bag of Kit Kats.  I consider it a major victory that I didn't let my stress drive me to eating trash.  I consider it one more tool I can use when needed, but I don't plan on letting it become a crutch.
So, now on my lunch break, I have less than four hours left in my work day, and I intend on making them positive.  It is Friday afterall.  Sponsored by Diet Coke, I think it might just rock!


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