Looking Up

I am nearing the finish line of my 10,000 steps-a-day challenge through my work.  I will say that, like anything in life, it was a bit of a roller coaster ride.  Some days I was dragging myself to get those steps in, and other days it felt easy.  To be fair, I do have my period and a head cold starting this week, so I haven't been in tip top condition.  But today, despite the cold (which started yesterday) I feel pretty darn good.
I have been practicing positivity this week, especially where it concerns what I say about my coworkers. I've noticed I have a tendency to talk bad about them to my boss.  Like, "What's up with that ticket, it's been sitting there for 4 days and "Mary" took the order and hasn't made any notes."  Stuff like that.  I complain about them to my boss instead of just calling and seeing if there's anything I can help with.  The other day I was bringing an order up by the reception area and the receptionist said, "Oh, I see we'll have a shipment coming tomorrow since you ordered today."  I took it as a little snarky, thinking she was insinuating we haven't ordered in a few days and we finally got around to ordering (even though she didn't use a negative tone) and in my head I was thinking, ' Yeah, I don't know why my coworker didn't order this earlier today instead of waiting for me to come in and click the button' but I just cheerfully said, "Yes, we should definitely have some product coming in tomorrow." and smiled as if I did something helpful.  I do pick up a lot of slack, catch a lot of mistakes (even in our billing/financials) and do a lot of helpful things, but that doesn't mean my coworkers are complete slackers like I sometimes try to make them out to be.  Yes, some are much less motivated and only do what's necessary, but I need to lighten up on all that.  My boss is fully aware of what I do around here and I am well-compensated for it. It makes me look so bad to point out my coworkers' faults.  And holding my tongue makes me feel much much better. 
So here I am being all positive and stuff.  I feel good right now, considering.  I am looking forward to the end of the contest/challenge on Friday, but all-in-all, it hasn't been that bad!


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