Defiant and Powerful

I'd love to give photo credit for this, but sadly I can't.  It is a greeting card I bought about 15 years ago.  I have always loved the look on her face.  Is it determination, or grace, or was the photographer saying inapporpriate things to her?  For me, I interpreted it as a look of defiance and power.  Doing things that people don't believe you could or should makes you feel really powerful.  It's the sentiment in many feel-good movies, news stories and even shows like The Biggest Loser.  And watching others being defiant inspires us to do the same, doesn't it?  I have this card matted and haging in my room, but it has become part of the scenery, like many of my inspirational visuals, and I forget to spend proper time focusing on the visual stimuli that keep my mind strong.  I will pay more attention to this photo now, it makes me feel powerful.
The weekend, by my perception was pretty much a success.  I ate clean on Friday, when my family went out to dinner, I skipped the chips and salsa they put on the table, and opted for chicken fajita.  I only ate one flour tortilla, and I felt really good about my decision to keep it clean.  On Saturday, I spent 6+ hours cleaning and moving heavy furniture- my knee felt aweful by the time I was done.  But I know I burned a lot of calories doing it.  And my space looks really nice to boot.  I ate clean all day Saturday.  Sunday was a little more lax.  My father-in-law asked to take us to dinner, and we went back to our favorite restaurant.  This time I had an ahi tuna wrap with fries.  After eating it, I wished I'd gotten the chicken fajita again, they season it so perfectly.  Yesterday being Memorial Day, we spent it with my mother-in-law, in her new house, which felt like a mansion to me.  She loves to host, and is a great cook.  I always know that any holiday we spend with her means we will be eating off-plan.  So yesterday went off the tracks a little, but I didn't find it difficult to get it back together today.
This sun allergy is driving me nuts!  It's just strange how quickly it cropped up for me.  I got some more sun this weekend, as it was beautiful weather and I took a few walks outdoors.  Unfortunately, it can sneak up on me when I forget about it, I didn't think to put sunscreen on before my half hour cardio session in partly-cloudy weather, but I remembered when the itchy rash came on a few hours later!  It is just a little hassle, and for me, a small but itchy price to pay for there not being snow to contend with this time of year!
Tofu and cod are the main proteins on my diet this week, as I try to think of other things I can eat that don't disgust me.  Oh, if only we could all just quit food, eh? 
Well, the week may be a little scattered for those of us who are starting it on a Tuesday, but here's hoping it's a defiant and powerful week just the same!


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