Try and Umph

This morning, still reeling with emotion from my 5K, I woke with no problem and went out for some brisk cardio.  Even as late as last night, I wondered if I was ready to get back on track, I have been so far from it for so long, that I don't remember what commitment looks like!  And there are still parts of my "plan" that have yet to come together, but I have to start somewhere.  As I took some new "starting over" photos and measurments, I knew that continuing on the path I've been on is pure self-destruction.  And the measurements were a real wake-up call, because I can easily dismiss the weight as " just ten pounds" and "some of it is water", the inches are the concern, especially the ones around the waist.  I know some of the reason I have been feeling odd lately has to be due to what is going on internally, with my blood/heart.  I can't take my health for granted just because the naughty little kid in me is whining for a treat or is too lazy to make an effort. 
Today I began tracking my nutrition, to get a better idea of where my weak spots are.  It is not by accident that I have added fish and more veggies to my diet this week.  I know my joints need the omega 3's and I think my extreme banana craving as of late, may have to do with a potassium deficiency, so I am adding in generous helpings of spinach as well.  I wasn't sure weather of not I wanted to go ketogenic to start back, but if I learned anything from my 5K, it is that it doesn't have to be black and white.  I do think that there is so little nutrition in bread, even 100% wheat bread, that I should find a different grain to have with breakfast, or at least save bread for an occassional treat.  This morning I skipped the toast, and just had eggs and turkey bacon, and a cup of blueberries.  Tracking my nutrition is actually making me more aware of serving sizes.  For instance, I poured myself some coffee this morning, added some sugar-free creamer and splenda without even thinking of it, then when I went to chart it, it was a guessing game as to how much I used.  Then as I was putting my lunch together, I weighed my portion of fish, out of curiosity, and discovered that it was only 2.5 ounces!!  I quickly fixed the problem so I would have an ample amount of protein to keep me full and feed my muscles.  But that really made me aware of how I really slack when it comes to portions.  It is something I will be focusing on this time around.
To my delight, my knees only feel slightly worse than they did before the 5K.  I took all the precautions I could, and when I got home after, I did my yoga stretches and iced the bad knee and applied Icy Hot.  I feel much better than expected today, muscles still sore, knees feeling a little bruised, but I am moving around a lot better today than I was two weeks ago, when I did a practice 5K.  Still, I don't have any problem putting running behind me for good.  Seeing all the people at the race with knee issues, was a visual confirmation of what I already knew, it will most certainly destroy my knees if I keep doing it.  That is why I had to run on Saturday, it was part of the release, and all the emotion was of me living the dream and letting it go.  And it was through that release that I became OK with letting that part of it go.  Now I can say that I did what I thought I couldn't do, and I was healthy enough, and commited enough to go through with it.  I ran.  I triumphed over myself.  Now I move on.  There are many more battles to win.
I know I will probably stumble again, as I am human, but I'm OK with that as long as I keep stepping up to the starting line.  Everyone likes to use the Yoda quote about there being no "try" only do or do not.  I rather prefer the one that says the difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  It is the TRY that moves us forward.  And here's to my next try.
Happy Monday friends!  Thanks for being here!


  1. Never use George Lucas characters as role models, the guy is a hack. I never weigh out my portion sizes either apart from cooking meals from scratch when I follow the portion sizes in the recipe. Incidentally, my wife has just been diagnosed as having an under-active thyroid and she is worried about gaining weight. Do you have any thyroid-based advise. Like your new look for the blog, by the way.

    1. I'm certain you are right about Lucas characters!
      Here's what I know about underactive thyroid. There are certain foods that interfere with thyroid function, the cruiferous family: broccoli,cauliflower, cabbage; and some believe soy, dairy, walnuts, and canola oils. Some natural remedies are B-complex, particularily sublingual B-12, and if there are deficiencies in vitamin A, Zinc and Selenium, these are also things that help. My best advice is keeping meals and snacks less than 3 hours apart, and drinking lots of fluids. Eating at closer intervals helps keep the metabolism fired up, if you go longer than 3 hours, the body goes into "hoarder mode" and starts slowing down metabolism and storing fat. I'll ask my all-knowing husband if there are any supplements that are safe and effective and get back to you too. I hope she can find a natural remedy and feel better quickly!


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