I am back, after a small break for resting my wounded head and pride.  In this, my second week back to school, I am already behind, burried under chapters of work.  What happened to one chapter per week?  I have had to read 3 chapters for each class in my first week of class.  I have some major catching up to do. 
The good news is that I am actually understanding statistics, which is a pleasant surprise. 
And the more good thing is that I was able to get back on track today by getting into the gym for a back/bicep session.  I haven't worked out in nearly a week, as I had my accident(s) on Tuesday, so Wednesday through Sunday were slouch days, and my eating follwed suit.  I was at the end of my stress rope and I let go of the chaos for a few days.  I don't like how quickly my body changed to a huge blob.  I know a tremendous portion of that is water, but YIKES! 
Today's workout wasn't about knocking it out of the park, I did lower weight and higher reps, maxing out around 12 reps.  I made sure to really squeaze the back muscles being worked, so I could feel that warm, wonderful rush of blood in the muscle.  For some reason, the T-bar rows never feel as good as they did the first time I did them.  I guess that's how many things in life are.  I am still feeling pretty wiped out from all the extra activity and from monthly shifts, but I know I'll get my mojo back shortly.  I don't have the fire I had when I began this program, but part of that is due to my recent disillusionment in the plan once I got to week 9 and there was all kind of crazy stuff thrown in.  I like back day to be back day, not train back,and then in between back sets we are going to hit all your other muscle groups in strange, fast-paced ways that are going to make you ache and feel like you are about to throw up.  So, I am in the process of chagning thigs up.  Today I just went on instinct, doing what I felt like my body could handle.  That meant five back movements 3 sets of 12, and 3 sets of barbell 21's for my biceps.  I am planning on keeping my diet on track this week, but it will be a little different, as I have to accomodate for eating in class and in the car.  I am not one to welcome change very freely, but I have great coping skills, and once I get into a routine I'm golden. 
Well, this is going to be an abbreviated post as I need to get back to the books.
Hope your week is off to a great start!


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