Weekend Wave Watching

Last week was a very tiring week, a lot of extra running around and organizing, my family growing increasingly tired as the weekend approached. My kids were tired from an entire week of adventures and travel with their grandma, and they ended up taking it out on each other. For me, when I am tired, I become more clumsy and accident prone, and all in one day found myself with four different minor injuries, including having my head and arm slammed in a car door by my son.
We remedied our situation with some extra sleep and fun times over the long holiday weekend and by the time the kids and I started back to school yesterday, we were ready to tackle a new, shorter week. All the stress I had about needing time to buy my books and find my classroom faded as I sank into my seat and prepared for the usual dorky introduction, "I'm Amy, I'm a psych major/ human development minor in my junior year, I have two sons on the autism spectrum". Thankfully, other than listening to the instructor go over the syllabus and the first few chapters, I didn't have to be very interactive. My classes this semester are an intro to social work class, and (shudder) statistics.
My Live Fit Trainer program has gone off the deep end! I didn't work put at all over the weekend, and my knee is starting to have less popping/stiffness. But yesterday I got back in the gym, and now that the program is in the final 4 weeks, the workouts are really intense. I went through it move-fo-move yesterday and it made me feel aweful! My stomach was not feeling right, but I shrugged it off as possible hunger and pushed my way through active rests and super sets and plyos. By the time I was through, I was sweaty, weak and nauseous. I really didn't like how the workout was labelled "back and biceps" but truly hit every muscle group via the active rests and plyo stuff. My stomach eventually settled, but that workout made me feel not good when I was done, and I know that means I went where I shouldn't go. Right now, my immune system is at its most vulnerable and yesterday was a red flag for me. This morning I woke with a sore throat, and my stomach felt off again. I knew I couldn't follow the high intensity insanity, so I just made up my own session for what I knew my body could handle this morning. Lighter weights-higher reps, all machines. I only spent a half hour working out, but my chest and shoulders felt good after, and the little extra home time felt needed this morning. I may take tomorrow off completely if I still feel like this. Every time I ignore the signs of weekend immune system I am taught a valuable lesson, I'd rather just do the smart thing, I'll recover much quicker.
Well before I head off to statistics class, I'll leave you with some photos of my favorite part of my weekend, a trip to Lake Michigan. It was simply beautiful there, and I let go of a lot of stress sitting on the beach, watching my kids run from the waves. Hope you had a great weekend too!


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