Brain Fried

During the week I finally got the OK to have more testing done on my thyroid, and my Dr also did a few other tests to check for inflammation and markers for heart problems or cancer.  All of my labs came back fine.  I wasn't expecting those results but I was dreading that would be the case.  I am still awaiting my results for my B-12 test, but I had that done a year ago and it was fine.  All of this medical junk has really robbed me of truly enjoying summer.  And it's just getting really old not knowing why I feel like I'm 80.  My doctor wants to see me again, I get the feeling she is starting to think I'm either a hypochondriac or that my weight is the entire issue.  
Of course, I have felt a little better the past 2 days, a little more energy, better mood.  I am beginning to suspect estrogen may be involved, but I give up on trying to self-diagnose.  I asked my Dr about perimenopause before and she brushed it off.  I think, depending on what I feel like the next few days, I will ask her to check my estrogen levels to see where I'm at.  I also thought about adrenal fatigue, but I'll let the doctor decide on that.  
I haven't been craving or eating junk, just don't feel like it, which has been a welcome change of events.  Mostly at work, I've been too busy to even think about food, so I end up missing meals or snacks.  It's not how I want it to be, just how this time of year is at my job.  And, trying to train my boss in the midst of the chaos just adds another layer of chaos!  Good thing we already knew each other and get along really well.  He is really enthusiastic and really wants to help.  I can't wait til he knows enough to do so!
My family has had some nice weekend fun.  Last weekend we drove up the peninsula again, and this time we went a the way to the tip and made the impromptu decision to hop in a ferry and spend the night on an island.  We ended up getting a sweet offer to rent a guest house at a farm and it turned out to be so amazingly awesome there.  We got to pet horses, goats, and cats, and watch chickens run around free range.  In the morning a rooster crowed to wake us and we spent a lot of time enjoying the unplugged peace of the country.  I haven't seen that many stars since I was a kid!  
This post really doesn't have a point, I think my brain is just fried! 
Happy Friday!


  1. hi Amy, wow how disappointing not to get an answer. I don't mean to be nosey but wanted to ask if you actually saw the bloodwork results... the actual numbers and which thyroid tests they did? You can ask for a copy at the lab or office where you got the draw. Did they do the thyroid peroxidase (TPO) test? That is the one for Hashimoto's. If the dr is not an endocrinologist he may not know how to interpret the number correctly... sometimes when the TSH is in range, the T3 and T4 numbers can be at different ends of a normal range and still indicate a problem. And ANY antibodies on a TPO test is abnormal. Just hoping to help you find answers. I know how it is to feel like there is SOMETHING wrong, yet the Dr's keep saying you are fine, or blaming it on weight or age. Don't give up... keep trying.

    1. Thanks Lyn! The did do three different tests and I get the results right on my phone, I truly am right in the middle of the range in all thyroid tests. My doctor didn't test for Hashimoto's because she said whether it was hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's the treatment would be the same. It is getting frustrating! We have a shortage of endocrinologists in my area so the few we have are usually booked out several months. I won't give up until I have an answer, but it does make me feel like a hypochondriac sometimes!

  2. That sucks, so sorry to hear it. It's so frustrating. You could try an elimination diet and see if it helps, but it's pretty tough the first week or so. Sometimes, my endocrinologist said, people have a big turnaround just from cutting out all gluten and dairy for a month. Well, I don't have any other ideas, but I do pray you find an answer and that you start feeling better soon!

    1. I have thought about trying an elimination diet, but being vegetarian I'm not sure what I would/ could eat. Eliminating tofu and legumes would mean I wouldn't be getting much protein.
      I see my doctor again tomorrow. Still hoping for some answers.
      Thanks for your support, you've been a huge inspiration to me, and the reason I began blogging to begin with!

  3. Oh, true. I think I read on AIP (the elimination diet I am following) that it is not conducive to vegetarians for that very reason. I hope you got some more info, answers, or hope from your doctor! Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy your blog as well :)


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