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I saw my doctor again Tuesday, and hit her up with all the symptoms I've been having.  I feel like I'm constantly rehashing the same old stuff and I feel like she is really trying hard to tie all the symptoms into one issue, but we keep missing the mark.  She asked if I've been exercising and I said no, because it completely robs me of any energy I had.  This concerned her and she did an EKG, which came out fine.  My blood pressure was much better this visit, in the normal range, which made me happy.  I mentioned hormones, she again brushed it off.  Then, because I knew she was convinced that I was getting enough iron, despite not retesting since starting supplementation a year ago, I asked if it is possible that I'm getting too much iron.  She agreed to retest it, and added a few more blood tests to boot.  By the time I left her office 2 hours later, I had a stress test and electrocardiogram scheduled, just to rule out heart issues, as my mother's side of the family is loaded with heart disease. She also told me to stop taking iron until the test results came back.  The next day she sent my results to me, my iron has normalized and I got the go-ahead to get off iron.  I felt so good the next couple days.  I was joyful and relieved and hoping this was the answer to all my issues.  What prompted me to think of it was the gastrointestinal junk I've been going through.  I was really hoping that would end too.
But overnight Friday I started getting horrible bedspins every time I switche positions in my sleep.  It was so severe that it made me nauseous and walking became a circus act.  So I spent all day Saturday laying down, unable to eat more than an apple and a piece of toast.  More gastritis and just general loss of appetite.  One of my sons got sick so I was thinking maybe the two of us cause a virus, but the vertigo was what was killing me.
When I woke this morning, the vertigo was still there, so I went to the walk-in.  They think it is allergy-related/ ear related and perscribed an allergy/antihistamine and an anti-vertigo med.  I am beginning to feel better.
Now, after all this, and how my body reacts to food, I think I'm going to go straight to the experts and see a gastro dr.  This is happening way too frequently for me to dismiss.  I've lost 5 pounds since Tuesday, mostly because when I'm about to eat, there's a good chance it's going to make me feel bad, like something's attacking my stomach.
So I am starting to plan out some goals for myself.  First, to get my gut healthy.  I will schedule an appointment with a GI doc to see what they think.
I have begun toward my goal of weening myself off caffeine by cutting out the energy drinks the past two weeks.  Right now I take a 200mg caffeine pill when I wake up, and drink two Diet Cokes at work.  If my energy level continues to be as good as it is right now, I will cut back to a caffeine pill in the morning and 1 diet coke at work.  Them I'll eliminate the soda all together.  I like the caffeine pill in the morning, I began this when I was working out in the mornings and right now I feel it is still necessary.  Maybe someday I'll get to the point of being stimulant free.  I enjoy coffee and like the fact that it can boost estrogen levels naturally, but lately everything I eat that isn't bland food gives me horrific heartburn.
I know I've got to get my body back in motion.  I've been thinking about swimming to start out, since my knee still irritates me.  It would be a refreshing way to start my morning.  Plus, I read that chlorine actually helps you breathe better.  Bonus!  I used to be able to get up at 4:30am to workout, these past few months of feeling drained, that just seemed undoable to me, but now that I've gotten some energy back, I'm ready to start fixing my health again.  I'm grateful that my current doctor isn't in any rush to put me on blood pressure meds, but I have to get it down on my own so I don't end up back in that situation.  I'm greatful I am young enough and healthy enough to turn this back around.  Now is the crucial time.
I have some hope and fire back!  What a gift!  Oh to feel semi-normal again!  I will NEVER take it for granted!!
Hope you are having an awesome weekend!


  1. Vertigo, (where did that come from...? *Guess, I missed that?!? Boy do WE need a break... (Can't WAIT, to just "hang out." *Quite the ACCOMPLISHMEN, that we still HAVE ea other, to talk about (MID-life) now. :p Fitting that on OUR very LAST "tricks or treats," we dressed like 2 old ladies. Halloween, had bonded us, a couple times, lol. (Like, Darla's party... ;)

  2. I'm so stressed, I CAN'T even type... LMAO!

  3. I was going to enter a blog; but, as usual... "drained;" (&, I hafta work tonight.)

    1. Working on a Friday night? Yuck! But I know you don't have a lot of choice. Yeah, some downtime is much needed, especially since a new round of chaos is about to begin again via back to school for the kids and me. I got spoiled this summer not having homework hanging over my head. Lol. Hope the weather is nice for our trip, but we'll make it work one way or another!


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