I made an effort today.  I didn't want to, I could have very easily spent the entire day in a chair playing games on my phone but about an hour into doing that, I started to feel restless.  My kids were occupied, my husband at work, what better opportunity is going to fall into my lap.  I was considering going for a walk, but I knew I was avoiding the 30 Day Shred video because it kicks my butt, so I decided to do the video.  I was breathing hard and sweating immediately, and it was hard, but it went fast.  
I finally got some housework done too.  It was nice that we were home this weekend so I could get that done.  Not that I would rather clean than go do something fun, but having a clean space makes me feel calmer, like everything flows how it should.  I even cooked dinner tonight, it's the most productive I've been in a while, but I still had plenty of time to relax with my family tonight to.  I can't say for sure, but I don't think all that housework would've gotten done if it wasn't for the energy I got from doing that workout.  
So I can say that August 2 got its butt kicked by me.  Feels good to be tired because I did something instead of being lethargic from doing nothing, and because I was busy with tasks I didn't think about food at all until my stomach was growling.  I can't speak for the future, but today was successful.  It might not be the most dynamic story to tell, but it's one I like to tell.  


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