Miserable Cow with Fleas

My sweet little doggy got fleas.  FLEAS.  I am so not a bug person, and the thought that one little bugger can drop 40 eggs every single day...let's just say, I'm not sleeping very well.  Especially since I have found some in my bed, he loves to curl up on my pillows while we are at work.  UGH!  I have been cleaning and sanitizing and salting the carpets and using really harsh soaps and shampoos on myself for a couple weeks now.  I am under-rested and annoyed, and the fact that my Monthly Meany is scheduled to start any minute now...sigh.  I can tell when I am getting overwhelmed by life by how potty-mouthed my thoughts become.  I am pretty irritable right now. 
It has me thinking about how the tiniest little things can make me completely lose focus on anything else.  I do tend to ruminate.  Right now all I can think about is fleas.  Beating myself up over waiting too long to give him his dose of flea and tick medicine, researching ways to combat/rid our house of them, obsessing over cleaning and how to fit in all into an already-busy schedule, over-analyzing every speck of dirt and dust, even at work, to make sure that it's not a flea egg etc.  I'm driving myself crazy, but the flea thing is no different than a multitude of other things that I have ruminated over in my life. 
Despite all of it, I am doing OK.  I have what I think will be my " miracle cure" on order and I am starting to feel hopeful that I will eventually be able to sleep through the night without spending hours awake feeling like I am a very large snack for some tiny little guests.  I have been lax with my eating this week, due to PMS that seems to be drawn out this month.  I know it's not permanent and I have actually been enjoying the cleaner foods I have been eating recently.  I am not trying to get too nuts over any of it because the way my mind works, I will spin myself into a corner where I feel like it's all or nothing, and I know which one always wins out when it comes to food and stress!
So I won't babble forever today since I don't have too much to say, but I saw something that made me laugh because I take it as good advice to myself.  I like how blunt it is. 

I will leave you with that for today and bid you a super-fantastic rest of your week!


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