Making Good Use of Time

Yesterday I woke up tired, and couldn't shake the cobwebs, despite an unusually high amount of caffeine.  My body felt stiff and heavy, felt like I just couldn't get the blood moving.  Since it was a fairly slow day at work, I decided to make some positive use of my time, and got in a leg workout at work.  Sure, it wasn't a full-on heavy workout, but the work I did do had my quads pumped up for more than an hour afterword, and really sped up my metabolism.  I did a deadlift/squat compound move, and a step-up with leg raise (for glutes) and did two sets of each.  By the time I finished, I felt so much better, awake and even cheery.   For a Monday, it went really smoothly and ended really low-stress.  What a relief.
This morning I did my favorite interval cardio, and shaved a little more time off, not really knowing how I did it, as each time I walk that it feels like I am walking as fast as I posibly can.  It was so dark out this morning that I had to use the light of my iPod to see my stopwatch.  I am going to keep going outside until the snow comes.  Blah, that's a depressing thought, but I'm not going to dwell on it.  It is garage sale season here in Green Bay, so I feel confident I should be able to score a treadmill before the snow flies.
Even though it looks like I won't get close to my goal of being under 150 by the time my reunion hits this weekend, I feel great about how I look, and feel really amazing about the transformation of body and mind that I have been able to make.  Now all that's left is to finish out the work week, which should be pretty mellow, and go have fun. 
Hope everyone is having a productive week!


  1. Good luck getting the treadmill, I've got a boot camp class at 18:30 tnight in the park near Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds. That should hurt.

  2. Wow, that sounds like a great atmosphere for torturing yourself, instead of inside a building! Hope you get a lot out of it, and can still walk the next day!


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