A Stretch and a Yawn

Thursdays are usually my stretch and yawn days at work, the quietest day of the week, when my doctor is out of the office, my first night of the week where I don't have obligations that will keep me out late (which, at my age is past 6 pm), and generally, a day when I can get most of my homework done for the upcoming week. 
Today, I began this blog at 8am, when I got to work, and only got one sentence done before the chaos hit.  My boss was at my office, so I couldn't be on-line blogging while she was here, and for some strange reason, I was busy with customers all morning.  Now nearly 1pm I am settling in to have some lunch.
What I am feeling today is like something that has been so deep and damaged inside of me, is healing.  Something I have been wanting for years, like an itch you can't seem to scratch, is finally being reached and beginning to be understood.  I was expecting a lot from college, but this is so unexpected.  It turns out, my teacher for the class that is "healing my demons" is a life coach.  She is one of those people who is truly doing what she was meant to do.  I don't meet many people of whom this is true, so when I do, I find it inspirational and so very admirable.  I find it a bit humorous that of the two classes I am taking this semester, hers is the one I was assuming would be a blow-off class, as it isn't truly a psychology class.  Boy, was I wrong.  I am learning more about myself by learning about adolescence than learning about abnormal childhood psychological disorders.  Anyway, I am not only gaining a lot of valuable information on how to understand teens (which I will be needing for my own kids in a few years), but it is affording me huge personal gains.  What a wonderful, unexpected blessing.
And today I feel really calm and a peace.  I traded in my cardio key for a little extra sleep this morning, as the morning crust was thicker today than usual, and I knew my body could use a little recoup after the chaotic beginning of the week.  I was so casual this morning, that I didn't make myself a lunch for today, planning to get something from the grocery store on my lunch hour.  By the time that arrived, I had decided to get something from Subway, which has moved in right next door to my office.  I could have had a sub on wheat bread, it is allowed on South Beach, but when I got up to the spot to order, I knew I could do better for myself, and ordered a salad loaded up with veggies and spinach, and topped with tuna.  Much better choice.  And I left there feeling so proud of myself for making the healthier choice.  I am doing exceptionally well with my nutrition this week, I don't want to mess it up for something that is not very fulfilling. 
Tonight is about trying to find my son a new bed, as he broke his last night, jumping on it.  And tomorrow, a dinner at a frozen custard shop with my in-laws.  I can't eat custard, it's too rich for my stomach, but right now I'm so on-track that I don't want it anyway.  It will be interesting to see what I do in the heat of the moment.  At any rate, that means Saturday might be the first day and night of not running around at night, and then I may finally get my chance to breathe, stretch and yawn properly.
We almost made it to Friday, friends!  Happy day to you all!


  1. I've never even heard of frozen custard. Only in America. Good choice at Subway, my choice if I go there is turkey breast salad on wholewheat.


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