Busy Week; Busy but Weak

**This is a post from last weekend that just went through now.**
Today is the first day in about a week that my head has been "in the game" in matters of diet and exercise.  My schedule has been off, my inspiration and energy depleted; sleep inconsistent.  I have had a lot on my plate as my kids' school year is winding down, and business in my office is booming while we are short-staffed due to vacations and such.  I am also making headway in planning our potential move to California next April, with my seemingly endless hours of research starting to pay off, we have finally narrowed down that we will likely live in the suburbs of Sacramento.  
At work, I was singled out and honored with a $1,000 scholarship award toward my education, which put me closer to the VP of human resources, who interestingly enough, also sits on the board of the company I dream of working for.  She has asked that I stay in touch as I get through my courses, which is a good sign.  
My surgeon has released me from his care, and I've returned to work full time.  My knee still bothers me from time to time, but nothing like before.  My Dr told me that because of the amount of tissue he removed, I will get arthritis in that knee at some point.  But my goal right now is going to be to make sure my muscles are strong enough to support me, to help lessen the impact to my entire body.  I am going to focus on core training, something I've never looked into or given much thought about.  This injury has shown me how weak my core is, and how easily that can have a domino effect on other body parts. 
Today as I was walking, I was thinking a lot about running.  At no point did anyone tell me I shouldn't or couldn't run anymore, in fact my physical therapist asked if I had gotten back to it, and I told her that I was giving it up, because I am at higher risk due to the reduced amount of tissue.  She said nothing about it.  I'm sure it would be better for me if I didn't, and would stave off the old arthritis a bit longer, but I allowed myself to at least consider it.  I won't run again unless I have my form assessed and get shoes that are correct for me.  The company I work for has an excellent sports medicine team (they help train Boston Marathoners) and they offer visual and video assessment for $99.  I am keeping it in mind. 
I am noticing how greatly my hormonal cycle plays into my energy, will, and drive, as well as cravings.  Half the month I am driven and committed like nobody's business, the other half, quasi-committed and caving into to cravings for salt, fat, and sweets.  Sigh.  To find a way to not give in, I am still struggling.  It's causing me to feel like I'm constantly having to restart.  
I finally bought a great cookbook for plant-based eating called the Happy Herbivore, and am excited to try some new recipes.  I think that has been some of my problem staying on track, what the hell can I eat?!  But I'm slowly figuring things out.  And eventually, it will be second nature.  
Now if only I can make getting to the gym second nature too...
Hope you are well and enjoying some nice weather!


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