Not Drinking That Again!

Today was a strange day.  I had horrible heartburn all day, which made it easy to not eat junk, I didn't want any food, but managed to eat what I brought for lunch. I felt like I was releasing a lot of water today, which makes sense.  Even though I'm not on a low carb diet, I am eating a lot less sugar and that helps flush some of that water out of my system.  I had some Mio- type drink mix (an energy one) because I didn't have time to make coffee.  It has been quite a while since I intentionally ingested artificial colors.  Anyway, lesson learned!  I'm throwing that stuff away and sticking to either coffee, caffeine pills or energy drinks.  Weaning myself off Rockstar drinks is something I know I need to do.  I feel better on coffe but it interferes with my iron absorption, so there's a timing and inconvenience thing there.  And there have been enough days lately where I have forgotten to take my iron and vitamin D, which is not good.  I can't consider myself on a path to healthier ways if I don't give my body what it needs. I'm not here to bash myself, just noting it as something I need to focus on so I don't forget as often.  And with the cancer causing substances in energy drinks and sodas, I would be much better off without any of that stuff.  Eventually I'd like to get off caffeine altogether.  Or maybe more accurately, when I see healthy people who don't need caffeine to feel awake, I admit I'd love to feel that good without caffeine.  It's another crutch of mine.  If I moved my body in the morning instead of sleeping, watching the news while checking Facebook, and then getting myself and kids ready and out the door, I bet I could get off the caffeine.  I've already cut back significantly from what I used to intake, that's a positive.
With this regain, I feel so much older so quickly.  I feel like my muscle atrophied so quickly, and now every other week I'm having some sort of joint issue.  Knees, hips, shoulders.  While I've not been properly diagnosed for the shoulder/collar bone thing, I think these issues are subluxation, the tendon being too loose to hold things in proper alignment.  It's painful and annoying and this bitter cold weather isn't helping matters.
So now I've babbled on so long that I've bored myself to yawns.  Going to get some great sleep tonight, my kids and I have the day off tomorrow.  
Until next time, I hope your journey is coming along smoothly.


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