Sun Day

This is a bit of a new day for me.  I got up early, did some stretching and them did one set of a circuit training plan I found in Oxygen magazine.  It's only five, multi-joint moves (think side lunge combined with biceps curl, etc) and I only did one set due to my lack of strength.  But everyone has to start somewhere right? I am challenging myself to get up earlier to do either this circuit and stretching, just yoga or cardio and stretching/yoga.  I am also going to challenge myself not to measure or weigh except on the first if the month.  While I can't say this isn't going to improve how I feel about how I look, I am really concerned with how inflexible and weak I am, and how quickly that happened.  And because I'm weak, I am using the wrong muscles/tendons to do things and it's causing swelling, pain and partial dislocation of joints.  I don't want to feel this weak, old and feeble.  
The squats killed my knee, even though I did them plié (feet wider than shoulder width, toes slightly turned out).  It bothered me about the same amount as my physical therapy, weird shock/funny bone type feeling in it.  I'm not sure my form is right, not sure I'm strong enough for it to be.  It is something I will be focusing on.  I need to strengthen those my lower body, there is very little in life that you don't use it for.  One thing that is tough is, when you have a lot of fat around your middle, some of the stretches/poses that could help loosen certain areas (like hips, which a lot of overweight people have issues with) are tough to do without suffocating on my own fat middle.  I find it a little humorous and will keep fighting through it.  
I feel really good about trying to fix my health issues.  It feels like the sun just came up and I am basking in it with a quiet smile on my face.
Happy Monday!  I hope the sun is shining where you are!


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