Little Strategies

You know it's a good morning when you find yourself dancing to your alarm!  I love the fact that iPhones now allow you to set your alarm to your iTunes library.  Right now I have my 4:50 am alarm set to NoNo's song "Pumping Blood" because my interpretation of this song 'celebrate life'!  If I am lazy and don't get up to work out, my 5:30 alarm is one of the pleasant-but-less-inspiring tones they've installed on the phone.  These strategies might be small, but they work sometimes.
I had an awesome dance session today, better than i've had in so so long.  I was sweaty and happy and felt thinner.  And for the first time in forever, my quad muscles were sore from the deep squats I was able to do (finally!!).  I felt like I found a small portion of my mojo and normalcy again.  
I know it sounds absurd, but I think the garcinia is working already!  I feel like I have melted some of my stomach(s) away and I  definitely seeing my shoulders and collarbone peek out more. I need to focus on my upper body more, sticky hot temps will be here before we know it!
Now that the snow is starting to melt, I am thinking about hitting the gym again in the mornings.  It would be like a 20- minute window, so I'd be having to do either only a few moves or supersets or droplets.  This idea will take more planning so I can make the most of my time there.  
I got a new app, think it's called Body Challenge, it helps track measurements and weight.  It will be much handier than a bunch of loose papers all over.  I am interested to see if my measurements truly have changed, I will likely measure and weigh on Fridays, because I made a "soft start" on Friday.  
I am noticing that stuffy sinuses and stiffness both disguise themselves as tiredness, something I will need to remind myself of as I go on.  The garcinia makes me thirsty, so some of its effect has a diuretic quality.  If you decide to try it, make sure you drink lots of water.  No other noticed "side effects".  Think I will go up to the 'weight loss' dose tomorrow.  Not sure how long I'll continue to take it, if I see a difference it'll be hard to stop.  It does seem to be improving my mood.  Who can argue with that?!
Today feels pretty awesome.  Hope your day does too!


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