Week One on Garcinia Cambogia

I am happy to say, on days when I can get the proper stretching and strengthening work in, my hip has been doing somewhat better.  That is a huge deal that will mean I can be more active if it continues.  
My garcinia cambogia arrived and I began with "maintenance dose" of 1 pill 3  times a day.  I did notice I wasn't craving crazy stuff immediately, but I have to be real and admit that not only were hormones in my favor that day, but the placebo affect is poweful.  I used the maintenance dose through the weekend and today I'll increase to 2 pills 3x a day and then move to "weight loss dose" of 3x3.  It would be pricey to be on it long term, the brand I got shows there are 60 servings if you take weight loss dose, and I mistook that to mean a 2 month supply, but you take 3 doses per day, so it's only 20 days worth for $30.  
What I'm noticing so far: it really does control appetite/ cravings, even at the maintenance dose.  For me, that's a big deal.  It isn't that I didn't feel like eating or felt bad, it's more like, it takes the edge off the crazed-hungry, want-to-eat-everything-in-sight feeling.  I did sleep well, just as it claimed I would, but to be fair, sleep is not an issue for me right now, it's the feeling awake and alert that's the issue.  In that manner, I didn't notice a difference, and in fact I felt run-down and tired this weekend, but there were other factors that played into that, with my "monthly disaster " making its appearance and a family head cold trying to get passed onto me- and less caffeine than usual too.  I think once I get up to a higher dose I'll notice the energy boost more.  
I ate cheese-less veggie pizza on Friday and had a glass of wine, and are a little sugar over the weekend, that old infamous get-it-out-of-my-system-before-my-diet-starts mentality.  But I didn't go crazy, I didn't need to.  And I don't really keep too much crazy stuff in my house.  
My mother-in-law had us over for dinner last night, and she is a real Martha Stewart type.  She is an awesome cook. She knows we are vegetarian, has grilled veggie burgers for us in the past, but decided to make pecan-encrusted chicken.  My husband wouldn't eat it.  I could tell she spent a lot of time on the meal and didnt want her to feel bad that all we were eating was potatoes, green beans and fruit.  I ate about a 2 oz piece of chicken.  And after dinner I ate a piece of her apple pie with whipped cream.  I admit, the pie was a bit of a chore to get through.  It was tastey and all, just not my fave, and I could feel that chicken like a brick in my stomach. I used to think my husband was ridiculous for saying he could feel the heaviness of animal fats in his gut, I don't notice it with dairy, especially if it's a small amount, but I sure felt that chicken.  I didn't eat for the rest of the night.  
This morning I reluctantly got up to work out.  My body felt so lazy and stiff, and just generally was NOT on board with moving.  But I spent a little time on the trampoline, some time dancing and some time walking.  I eeked out 30 minutes of moving. It is something.  I am having a tough time feeling awake today, must be the head cold I'm trying to stave off.  Got some good stretching in and planning to do a little more yet.  I am going to fix this body day by day.  
Happy new week!  


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