Slowly Waking

Not a whole lot to report today.  My body was so out of sorts, sore and stiff today, after a son-with-a-nosebleed-at-3:30am kind of night, I just couldn't get up to work out this morning. My lower back was so tight it was pulling in my glutes, and I could feel a strain all the way through to my foot.  Work was busy, and I didn't get a chance to stretch or strengthen either.  I did stick to planned eating and I am now on the "weight loss" dose of garcinia cambogia.  To be honest, I was hoping it would give me more energy than it does, but it sure improves my mood, decreases my irritability, and the appetite depressant is just potent enough.  It is interesting, it seems to be returning my natural appetite, and my normal hunger signals, which have been broken for a long time.  As odd as it is, after months of yo-yo dieting, I wouldn't get the normal growling stomach, I'd get stomach pain when I was hungry.  But while taking this product, my normal growling belly has returned.  It's good to feel normal in any fashion!
My kids and I are on spring break this week, so my evenings are not consumed with hours of homework and other obligations.  It has felt so good to have some time to do the things I want to do, like relax in a warm bath.  Tonight I spent a good chunk of time on my foam roller, working out the deep knots in my lower back and glute, which was the source of my hip pain.  That roller is magic, I tell you!  It felt so good to get deep into the muscles and get the blood in there.  As soon as I got off the floor I could tell my hip was normal.  I walked around the house as if on a cloud, then took a warm bath, where I sank into a micro-nap nearly instantly.  My hip feels good right now.  It always gets stiff/sore from sleeping because I'm a habitual side-sleeper, but I'm having more success with getting it realigned.
I can't wait until it's nice enough to walk outside in the mornings.  Today felt like spring, it was warm but overcast, which made me feel happy and relaxed.  Hope it's nice where you are too!


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