Tastes Like Donuts

Yesterday I was having a craving for donuts in the morning.  This is nothing unusual, especially since my morning routine often involves rushing through my neighborhood grocery to grab the things we are running low on or I forgot to get on my main grocery trip.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that has to do this!  Anyway, the grocery store makes donuts so whenever I go in there it just smells cravable.  I went through a long period, not too long ago, of not even trying to fight my desire to sink my teeth into their soft, sugary, deep fried bliss.  It is part if the cause of my regain.  And the more I caved to them, the more I wanted them.  This grocery has packaged sugar-covered jelly donuts, and sometimes they are so fresh that the sugar is partially melted into a sticky wonderland.  That is what I was thinking of when I walked through the store, past those beautiful little goblins and picked up household stuff we needed.  I am learning about a certain need of mine, to make things feel "special", and I was wanting something special because I wasn't going to give into those donuts.  So when my grocery list brought me down the health and beauty aisle, I stopped to see what they had for eye cream, because my wrinkles has sprung up seemingly overnight, and multiplied like tiny youth-stealing ninjas!  I got some eye cream and a new supply of facial moisturizer and felt good.  Then, right before checking out I grabbed a Starbucks Refreshers drink, the ones made out of green coffee.  Now it felt special.  
What happened next was a bit magical!  I cracked open my raspberry pomegranate flavored drink and it actually tasted a little like the filling of a jelly donut!  At only 60 calories, and 20g of carbs ( it is sweetened with stevia but has natural juices) it is a huge victory.  Plus, the green coffee and ginseng give me a little energy boost, and green coffe is touted as a weight loss tool.  They are too pricey and a little carb heavy for every day use, but it does feel like a treat for every once in a while.  And, way better for my health and waistline than a jelly donut!  
Hope your week was sweet!  Happy Friday!


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