I'm Going to have Sexy Teeth Someday

Yesterday was the first of my two needed root canals.  Let's just say I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, especially since I had to have this one done by a specialist, in an office I've never been to and I wasn't sure what to expect.  I have never had a root canal done, but my husband's recent experience terrified me, he could feel a lot of pain when they started, they had to numb him 2 more times afterword.  Luckily, mine was actually a piece of cake in comparison.  The doctor was nice and kept asking if I was OK of if I could feel anything, and explained each step of the process what to expect (a noise, a vibration, hot or cold).  I was comfortably numb.
I was worried beforehand about what might happen if they took my blood pressure, and I was also stressed out that I had such aweful post-nasal drip from the end of this head cold, I was worried I would feel the constant need to cough or clear my throat.  I know it's probably not the best to go to a dental appoinment when you have a cold, but it truly was winding down at that point, and fortunately, I didn't have an issue with drainage while I was there.  It couldn't have gone smoother!  He was surprised that my regular dentist didn't have me on an antibiotic for the infection in the tooth.  Just another reason to not like my dentist.  Anyway, at least yesterday went smoothly, and that puts me one step closer to being done with all of this!  I can hardly wait. 
As I was finishing getting my prescription for the antibiotic filled, I got a call from my husband saying our son was being suspended for threatening behavior (with thumb tacks, if you can believe it) and I needed to go pick him up.  I still felt strange from having a whole quarter of my mouth and lips/face numb, but I got him.  I didn't yell because I think it's ridiculous.  I just discussed how I know he knows he didn't handle himself appropriately and I let it go.  I don't think it is something he'll encounter on a regular basis, it was situational, so it's not something to punish him for. 
My husband and other son came home and we spent some time just relaxing and talking, doing homework, then we went to an event at the masonic lodge that my husband belongs to.  It was a chinese dinner to honor one of the members, and in memory of some others.  It was pretty fun.  At the end, they served a piece of cake.  I indulged.  The frosting was buttercream, and it was hard to get through my whole piece, it's so rich, but I didn't want to be disrespectful so I ate the whole thing.  Ugh.  I was praying my gut didn't give me problems.  I did OK.  It was the first day all week that I didn't do any yoga/stretching due to a lack of time or focus.  It's OK, my good stuff was more time to hang out with my family, and getting one step further on having a healthy mouth.
Today there is a special sort of funk in the air, like the exact opposite of the Midas touch is happening.  So many struggles and challenges, at home and at work.  I know I can and will overcome it but boy I can tell my mind wants to just avoid all of it by eating.  I haven't given in, I don't have anything other than on-plan food at my disposal anyway, but the thought of unproductive foods is lingering.  I did tell my son, after having to drag him, crying and struggling,  to the bus stop this morning, that maybe we can order pizza tonight and just put the week behind us.  I know things will be fine, a bad day is just a bad day, but man it sure stinks things up when it happens like that. 
I don't have anthing profound to report; I forgot to read my passage from Dhammapada today and boy I sure wish I would have because it seems to help me bridge some emotional gaps. 
Half way through Friday, I think I can make it!


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