Full Speed Ahead!

I was a good girl and got my flu shot yesterday.  Partly because my work has a requirement (I work in a health facility) that we either get it or have to wear a mask anytime we come in contact with patients from now until May.  No thanks.  But also because my husband actually got the flu last year and he was down for the count for almost 2 weeks, and not feeling back up to his normal energy levels for about a month.  I don't have time for that noise!  By the time evening came around my body felt achey and I was drained of energy.  I realize it may be PMS as the "big show" is due in a couple days, and the aches might be due to all the rain we've been having.  I was motivated enough to do a little strength training as I let my nails dry, while watching a genealogy show on my phone.  Ha!  I'm nothing if not a multi-tasker. 
This morning I was much groggier when I woke up, and I had a massive headache and stuffy nose.  I have been being extra careful about making sure I take all my vitamins, including Vitamin C and a probiotic, to help lessen my chances of getting sick because it seems that someone is always sick where I work, and I have been fairly lucky the past few years, that I have been able to get past most of it without much of a hiccup. 
Anyway, I didn't get up early to workout.  I may try to start doing it at night to see how it goes, I'm still struggling with the idea of getting up early.  I think my body naturally hurts more by the end of the day after I put in all those steps at work, so then I want to stretch and stengthen.  I did get on the bike a little bit this morning while my kids were getting ready for school, but 5 or 7 minutes, whatever it was, is not real helpful and the only way I can make it work in the morning is to get up earlier. 
So no big surprise that that stuff hasn't happened yet, but I'm coming around to the idea more.  I have a follow up appointment with the doctor who put me on blood pressure medicine on Monday and I believe she has ordered a metabolic panel too so I can see where my cholesterol and blood sugars are.  I am interested to see if things have improved since eating cleaner for 3 months. Even though I haven't lost a mountain of weight, I do feel healthier; things are easier, I move and bend easier and I don't get out of breath so easily.  It is all going in the right direction and I really don't care how long it takes as long as I am moving the right way. 
My next physical exam is in April and I will be starting with a new doctor at my clinic, who comes extraordinarily highly recommended.  I think after this follow up on Monday, I will start to push myself a little more, adding exercise to the mix and maybe switch up my food stuffs a little.  I honestly have been eating the same few protein sources for so many years that I am having a hard time being creative enough.  I have been thinking of either going to a more keto-style diet or incorperating intermittent fasting.  I don't know if I could handle fasting without it triggering me to want to overcompensate though.  I'm not sure keto would work either because I would have to be diligent about keeping track of macros and measuring; the hyperfocus on that stuff sometimes backfires on me.  But, I think it would be interesting to try it out to see what my bloodwork looks like after doing it for a while.  I think what I'm doing now is more South Beach style of low-carb, which is pretty free, I don't measure or weigh or have to calculate how many carbs or fats I've eaten throughout the day.  Anyway, it's what I'm thinking about.  Keto plus exercise and see how my body responds inside and out.  Maybe the higher fat contents will help keep my mood higher when the cold sets in. 
I'm so happy that I am in a good place right now, able to eat a little bit of whatever I want.  I know keto would be a bit of a change, but I also know it would push me to learn some new recipes and make some adjustments/substitutions that could be pretty sustainable longterm.  I have to do more research on the type of menu and see if I can find some good recipes, I'm sure there are billions of them out there.  I feel positive about the plan.  My first goal in doing it is not to look a certain way, but I would be lying if I said that isn't something I would enjoy.  Plus I think the extra fat content would be good for my joints and for stabilizing my blood sugar, which tends to run on the high end of normal. 
So it feels like I am about to switch gears and my mind is in a good place about it.  No matter what the bloodwork or doctor's opinion turns out to be on Monday, I am owning this and recommitting to make my life better through gradually improving my health.  I know it's not a race, and I know that the past 3 months have been about developing the habit of considering my physical health over trying to numb myself or entertain myself with food.  It's not such a bad place to be!
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