Klutzo in Full Effect

Well we all survived Christmas didn’t we?  I have so much to say I may have to split this up into more than one blog.
My Christmas recap:
I am sure I must have mentioned my foot irritation that I’ve been dealing with for what I think is a month or two now.  When the weather started getting colder and the mornings are also so dark now, I have had a few incidents with my feet.  You see, I am a natural born, certifiable KLUTZ!  I have twisted my feet and rolled my ankles plenty of times while taking the dog out in the dark.  The ground is hilly and uneven, the snow we’ve had has been turned into lumpy ice, sometimes hidden in the grass, etc.  it was probably about a month ago when walking on a sidewalk in the dark, I twisted my foot/ankle on a rock I didn’t see in the dark.  I was so grateful I didn’t break my ankle but it hurt enough to bring tears to my eyes.  I don’t tell anyone when this stuff happens, I think my stoic husband already thinks I am a basket case with a hefty amount of drama queen thrown in.  The foot irritated me after that, but I didn’t attribute it to the rock on the sidewalk incident, it felt more like arthritis or a pinched nerve on the bones at the top of my foot.  Honestly, this annoying feeling like I wanted to try and crack my aching bones/joints so things would realign was to a point that, leaving work Friday I made up my mind to set up an appointment with a podiatrist after the new year.  Over the weekend, I spent way too much time on my feet, doing extra cleaning and cooking, not for anyone but my family but I just wanted to feel extra cozy in a clean house, if only for one piece of sanity in a chaotic holiday season.  Sunday when I was taking the dog out, I slipped with the “good foot” which caused me to put all my weight on the hurt foot. I was limping after that.  I finally confessed to my family that old Klutzo did it again.  Still planning to see a podiatrist after the New Year.  On Christmas Eve we went to my father-in-law’s house and for a good half hour or so we were all on our feet talking.  It was irritating my bad foot, which felt an ever increasing tightness at the top of the foot bones and down the side of the foot near the toes.  As we stood talking I used the heel of my good foot to massage the bones and also twisted my foot in a way that I hoped would make something pop back into place. The foot felt momentarily warm and less painful and I had a moment’s hope that maybe something was just misaligned and I could get it better with massage or stretching.  Then, as we were saying goodbye, I twisted around my son to give out a hug and suddenly there was a gigantic SNAP! and immediate pain in the foot.  We were on our way out the door and I didn’t want to make a scene so we left and I told my husband on the way to the car.  I was only able to put weight on the heel of that foot so I was limping severely.  By the time we got home it was hot and swollen and I iced it until it was numb.
So Christmas morning I had to have my hubby drive me to Urgent  Care.  It’s not at a hospital but a clinic so they can do less, but I also don’t have to pay Emergency Room fees.  They took my blood pressure and it was WAY high, 158/100.  I did have caffeine (only half a can of Diet Coke) and I mentioned that I’d taken ibuprofen before I went in and the doctor said to never take that because it raises blood pressure.  Yikes!  That creeped me out.  Xrays ruled out broken bones and the doctor explained that she thinks I tore a tendon but that’s not something they can treat at Urgent Care, I would have to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist who would likely take an MRI to determine how serious it is.  She mentioned potentially needing surgery to have it repaired or reattached.  Ugh!  I left with a walking boot and while I really wanted to stay home and rest (and comfort eat and feel sorry for myself) we went to his mom’s celebration, a light brunch and gift exchange.  It was throbbing by the time we left and I could hardly wait to get home to ice it.
Since the doctor I saw didn’t say anything about me going to work (where I will be weight-bearing on it for a good portion of the day) I had to ask her to at least write me an excuse to get a couple days off work.  I forced myself to drive my stick shift, which was excruciating until I found a way I can push the clutch by my pinky toe so it hurts much less.  At least I am mobile and can drive.  I am still mostly walking on my heel, even with the boot, which makes my entire lower body ache in muscles I have long neglected!  So I really am a basket case!
I am grateful to have had 2 extra days to rest and heal, I can tell some of the swelling is coming out as I can put a little weight slightly farther forward of the heel and I am getting some snapping sounds like when things go back to their proper place.  Still hurts, and I anticipate working on it tomorrow is going to totally suck, but I couldn’t get into the podiatrist until Jan 2nd and the doctor would not approve a leave of absence (even short-term) so back to work I go.  At least I have the weekend off and a lighter week next week with New Year’s Day off.  I am hoping I don’t need surgery but I need to make sure this gets taken care of correctly so it doesn’t cause issues down the road.
I walk out of this situation feeling fragile, old and a little scared for my health altogether.  My obesity is prematurely aging me.  Having random tendons snap for virtually no reason is not normal for a 46 year old.  It has me afraid to do anything because something else might snap or break.  I am going to try and think positive and assume it won’t need surgery and that with healing I will eventually be able to be more active.  That has me hopeful.  All I can do now is wait, and try to stay off it so it can heal. They means I will have to ask for help or say No more, things I should have been doing more of anyway.  Maybe in a strange way, this was life’s way of showing me what happens when I don’t listen to that little voice in my head that says I need a break.  One way or another, life has a way of making me slow down!


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