Tired, but Curious

Last week kicked my butt.  A lot.  The hormones took too long to bring about the main event, and then they forgot to switch over to SuperWoman mode.  I was so drained and tired all weekend, despite getting a little extra sleep and doing less than I typically do on weekends.  To top it off, I ended up feeling dizzy and nauseated today and then I had a hot flash and felt better. 
But I spent the weekend eating junk and being lazy, got some sciatic pain on the right side on Sunday (thankfully it only lasted one day) and I just felt old, tired and achey.  These are my perimenopausal blues! 
I have been focusing too much and everything but myself, and it is effecting my mood and my motivation.  I will experiment to see if I can track what things work to re-motivate me because this is not at all uncommon for me (and from the other wieight loss blogs I read, a bunch of other people) when I am doing pretty good and then it seems like something happens and out of the blue, I am left feeling like I'm trying to catch the cord that slipped out of my hand while sky-diving.  Freefalling. 
I have some ideas to try.  I will work on that and see what does and doesn't work.  Then I will report back, because what good is finding out what works if I don't share it?  I sure hope something does work. 
If I don't get my energy back I may contact my doctor and see if it's foolish to have my thyroid and vitamin D levels checked again.  I hate feeling so exhausted and drained, even if my mindset was in the right place to do things that are good for me I don't know if I could physically do it. 
Ho hum.  I don't want to be too dramatic.  This is life testing me, this is a place where I have been before and have not been very successful at turning it back around.  I need to figure out a way to get past this little hiccup or I'm just going to keep repeating the past like a broken record. 
I will pursue this with curiosity and see what it teaches me!
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