Staying the Course

My foot is slowly getting a little better.  I am still limping, it still hurts, but I'm thinking about it less.  I did get some Dr. Scholls inserts from one of their "foot mapping" stations.  Contrary to what the podiatrist told me, it says I have low arches.  I've been wearing the inserts since Sunday and don't notice much difference.  I'm not discounting that I have a deformed foot and high arches and I agree that some arch support is probably called for, but this doesn't fix whatever the large snap was in my foot.  I still really don't know because the podiatrist wasn't confident that he knew.  At any rate, I'm living with this foot.  Things still cause discomfort but I can tell whatever it was is ever so slowly healing.  I don't know if I will keep these inserts.  I may just invest in better shoes. 
My eating has been very sane lately.  I am not fighting with my brain.  I did have a good cheat meal on Sunday when my family went out for a drive to see our favorite bluff on the bay blanketed in snow and ice.  It was nice to warm up and have a juicy burger with avocado and fries.  I didn't feel hungry after that until 7 hours later!  I also didn't feel the need to eat a bunch more junk after that, I just ate my normal planned food.  I've noticed that it's much easier after my period starts than before it, so I guess that's one thing I can be grateful for, right? 
I finished up the "Maintain, don't Gain" contest my work does every Thanksgiving through New Year's.  The goal is to not gain more than 2 pounds within that 8 week period.  For the first time, this year I actually lost 1 pound.  Probably from all the extra energy I spent limping and walking with a walking boot on!  Ha!  But still, I was controlled enough with my eating to not pile on a bunch of weight.  Yay me! 
So for now I'm just staying the course.  Things are smooth and I can coast on that.  I think I should be stretching and strength training more because anything cardio-related isn't going to happen with my gimpy foot right now, even the pedal on the stationary bike feels bad on it (yep, I tried) and walking for exercise is not good.  Maybe I'll have to dust off my swim suit and bring the kids to the pool.  It's not my favorite form of exercise but I may have to compromise. 
Icy roads lately have been driving up my anxiety and I really do think that at some point I will need to be medicated for it.  I get so tense that my muscles are sore the next day.  That's not the kind of workout I was lookign for either! 
Anyway, I don't have a lot to say for once.  I'm here and doing well.  The foot is still a hinderance but I'm coping. 
Have a great week everyone!


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