If there's one thing that I have learned in life, it is that there will always be another "thing"; another appointment, another change of plans, another car repair or unexpected visit, more things that have to be handled, done, attendened, mended and bought.  And I am at the whim of so many of these things, getting tangled up in the have-to's until the few moments I get each day when I have done as many have-tos as I can stand and I take a little time to do the want-to's which usually equates to very unproductive things.  I do things that remove me from having to think about the lists of things I have to do and detach my brain from finding more things to add to the list, if only for a moments.
Despite all the scare with my lab results, I have not changed my ways.  Friday was so busy and demanding on me that I got home starving and stressed out and told my husband I wanted to go get a burger and a beer and that is what we did.  For someone who doesn't drink much at all anymore, the food took so long that I ended up having two pints of beer with my dinner and I really regretted that.  I don't like feeling that way anymore, it hit me harder than I expected. 
Sunday was my husband's birthday so we ended up being taken out to dinner twice over the weekend, one was at a pretty upscale place and I had some delicious chicken breast in beurre blanc  with steamed veggies, not too terrible for the body.  Sunday we were at a burger joint and I really wasn't in the mood for anything too greasy/heavy because we had donuts (my husband's favorite sweet treat) for breakfast and at dinner time they were still sitting like bricks in my gut.  So I had a vegan burger and boy was it bland and dry, not my favorite dinner for sure.  I did have fries with that and they were good, but I eneded up eating most of them the next day. 
So I ate a bunch of strange stuff over the weekend and I realized that none of it was all that gratifying, even though I have secretly been wanting to try beurre blanc for years.  I don't have a very strong sense of taste anymore so sometimes I am just disappointed.  Anyway, my hubby turned 40 and we had a good time.
Monday morning I had an appointment with a dermatologist to check out a lump on my arm and the scale said 186, so I'm up 2 pounds since the last time I weighed, which I believe was a few weeks ago now.  Not shocking or concerning to me.  The bump on my arm is something called dermatofibroma, and I guess it's really common in women and not concerning, but I am going to have it removed because it is unattractive and itchy.  My blood pressure, despite being off medicine over the weekend (there was a glich in the communication between my doctor and the pharmacy) was not too bad either, 134/84. 
I have committed to drinking much more water, as much as I can get in me each day.  I am focusing on it and I can already tell it is helping.  I don't have to apply Carmex every hour to keep my lips from peeling off. 
I was very rushed in the grocery process for this week's food so I am not eating as healthy as normal, some greek yogurt, some protein bars, portabella caps for dinner.  My lunch, however, is a bagel with cream cheese.  Delicious? Yes.  Nutritious? Not so much!  All-in-all, it's not fast food or chips every day but it could be better for me, that's for sure. 
I have been looking ahead to the future and what types of jobs I can do that would be more portable for me, because as an optician, location and type of practice makes a huge difference in wage.  My husband and I are looking at a certain area to buy a house in (in roughly 4 years) and it's a beautiful area but there are only 2 optical shops for miles so I will have to learn something else so I can get a job that pays nearly as much as I make as an optician with 18 years experience.  Let me tell you, there aren't many!  So I am thinking of taking an online course to learn how to do medical billing and coding because I actually like insurance and filling out forms, it's like a puzzle and I have a good memory for things like numeric codes and such.  That would be a six month course, probably pretty heavy duty because there is a lot of anatomy involved too, but I think I can make it happen.  I am also still trying to get myself motivated to work on my church's application for the National Registry of Historic Places, which is going to require me to learn a lot about architecture. It feels like a lot on my plate, so I am going to try and do the church application first, since I have already commited to that, and maybe by fall or winter I will be done with that and ready to take on the coding coursework.  Thiking of switching professions is bittersweet, but I know in the longrun, if it's good for my family and my future, I can handle it.  The idea of sitting in a quiet office instead of getting crazy demands from people and their sometimes disguting bacteria-laden glasses sounds pretty good!
So that's about all my tales for today.  I am not measuring or tracking, I'm not being super-carb-conscious right now, my brain is a little taxed lately but I am still making some effort and drinking lots more water.  That's what I can contribute.  Some weeks, that is going to have to be enough.


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