The Results Are In

Today marks the end of the Eat Clean Diet Makeover Challenge, which I began in Dec 2010.  And though it is too late for me to submit my "after" photos on the official website (they must have been on Toronto time), I am doing a lot of reflecting today.  When I looked at my blogger stats today, I was surprised to see that I have had nearly 800 page views since I started this blog in December.  I know there are far better written and more popular weight loss blogs out there, and I appreciate every page viewed. 
Honestly, I started doing this as a way to help me stay motivated, and to hold me accountable, but it has been like a secret weapon along the way.  If I slipped up and ate some garbage, I knew I'd have to admit it in shame.  And while my readers are so supportive, it makes me feel like I'm letting you down when I report shortcomings.  I know it's a part of life, and I have learned from each experience, but it is still a factor, and it does indeed help keep me on track sometimes. 
So, here I am at the end of what I am viewing as my first hurdle, and here's what things are looking like from here:
Day 1.  I can't disguise how unhappy I am.

Side View.  Start of my journey.

Back fat in full action.  "before' photos
July 31,2011.  40 pounds gone.  Well on my way.

Couldn't find less flattering lighting if I tried!  July 31, 2011

Back fat still in action, but much less of it.  I'm smiling even though you can't see it.
Since beginning my journey, I have lost 39 pounds, and the inches tell the story of my slow and steady shrink:
Bust: 7 1/2 total inches lost
Chest: 5 1/4 total inches lost
Waist: 6 5/8 total inches lost
hips: 7 7/8 total inches lost!
And aprox 2 inches lost in all other measured areas.  In May I also began measuring my "upper roll", the roll of fat above my belly button, just to make sure it was indeed shrinking.  Since beginning to measure, I have lost 2 5/8 inches.  I wish I would have measured from the start.
What I have learned in this time frame, has been priceless.  I have learned that I am in total control of the situation, not because I had some magic "motivation" fairy dust, but because I want this.  Bad.  I've learned what causes my cravings, and am learning how to handle them without giving into them.  I've learned that I am strong, vital, and quite unstoppable.  And, I've learned that my investment is paying off now, and will continue to pay off in spades for the long run.
Thank you, thank you so sincerely from the bottom of my heart, for being part of my journey.  I am only just getting started, and I'd be delighted to have you along as I barrell toward my next hurdle.


  1. Your journey has been an absolute pleasure to follow. The differences in the before and after pictures are amazing, you look so much healthier and happier. I hope this means you aren't stopping your blog.

  2. Thank you Tony. You have been such a loyal reader and a wonderful support! As far as I see it, I am just beginning. I have a long way to go, and I will blog as long as someone cares to read!

  3. That is SO awesome! Congratulations and well done on all your hard work. My favorite is the total opposite expressions on your before face and your after face. You look so happy and rightfully proud of yourself. Good job!!!

  4. Thank you VV! You're right,though I know I have a lot of work left to do, I am proud of what I've accomplished so far. Thanks for the positive support!


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