Small Victories

Today I re-learned what I knew when I was much stronger in my resolve; to get where I truly want to go, I have to do some things I don't want to do, and I also have to not do things that I wish I could. 
My wish that I passed up today, was my sweet tooth.  I had a horrible sweet tooth nagging me, around 3pm today, but I didn't cave.  I ate some plain yogurt instead, and found that the craving quickly subsided with little further thought.
Tonight after work I did what I was absolutely dreading doing, a strength session.  I didn't think I had one in me, I was feeling so tired, hungry and weak, but I just hunkered down and did it, and found that I had more in me than I thought I did.
And, as usual, I feel way better mentally and physically for have conquering both of those obstacles.
This may be a new beginning, or just getting back to where I was before I lost my way, either way I'm happy for these small victories!


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