I can always tell whether or not I'm working out by the gap between blog posts.
I am no stranger to chaos, in fact my day doesn't feel normal if there isn't the usual amount of chaos. But I truly need a break from it all for a minute.
First things first, my blood work came back NORMAL, so no leukemia. I'll wait while you wipe your tears of joy. There are no words, when the big "what if I have cancer" question comes up, and you find out you are clear. How can I simply say that's a relief?! It is a real eye opener, and I am reading between the lines to get the message loud and clear.
The message, filtered through my husband and the various documentaries he's been marathon viewing on Netflix, is that, looking at nutrition on a MACROnutrient level is great if you want to look a certain way. If you want health, and not just the annual check-up kind, but the cancer-killing, every cell healthy kind, you have to look at nutrition on the MICROnutrient level. And everything I have been seeing is linking horrible diseases to all the unnatural things we put in our bodies. My husband went from a 250-grams of protein, bodybuilder dude, to a vegan. At some point, you have to take control of your health. In my case, my blood work could have gone the other way. I have spent years willing ingesting toxins, unnatural stuff that the body can't break down. One of my favorite documentaries we've watched recently is called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It's about an Austrailian man who did a juicing detox diet. It is interesting to see the changes in him throughout, especially his energy and enthusiasm. Another documentary showed the horrible conditions that animals are subjected to before and during the slaughter, and how the various hormones the animal had in them at death, are the ones we ingest,. And we've watched ones about water and water bottles and about food modification, and on and on. Every not natural thing we put in our bodies heightens our chances of causing genetic mutations in our own selves ( cancer) and if passed on, these mutations can result in all kinds of birth defects or disabilities. I have taken the information I have gained from watching these and am gradually making changes. No more sugar-free drink mix by the gallon. No sugar=no heart attack perhaps, but the artificial sweeteners and food dyes are toxins that have the potential to cause long term issues. Lets face it, what's the point of having a healthy heart if you are readying your body for cancer? I still eat tuna, which I'm sure is in some way bad too, other than the over-fishing issue. And occasionally on the weekends I still eat chicken if we are out. Though last weekend I ate a falafel pita at a gyro restaurant and it was fantastic! I am drinking only cold brewed tea at home, and my kids are following suit, and instead of Splenda we have switched to stevia, which is zero calories and comes from a plant, instead of being chemically modified in some factory. I am still eating dairy, and it has become a staple in my diet since I cut back on meat consumption. I'm not sure I will go all the way vegan, but I can definitely see vegetarian in my future, and I am trying to get more plant-based foods in my diet to amp up the nutrients. As I have said before, I am a perpetual work in progress. Right now I need to focus on my health instead of how I look. I just got word from my mother that two cancer diagnoses in her side of the family in less than 6 months means cancer now runs in both sides of my family. I've heard it said that if everyone lived long enough, they would eventually get one form or another of cancer, but it didn't used to be like that before we started eating/drinking pre-packaged, instant, mechanically-separated, genetically-modified, red#40 and Blue Lake-laden, artificially flavored, artificially sweetened ARTIFICIAL FOOD.
If we don't do anything to change the probability, how likely are the results to come out in our favor?
Rant over. This week in my house we are fighting a nasty stomach bug. I am happy to report that I think I may have fought it off, but am having an alternative drippy-stuffy-nose-bug and have been fighting a sinus infection for more than a week. I am taking honey as a supplement until I get the sinus infection under control. I have good and bad days with my knee, though I think the Baker's cyst has reduced considerably. Waiting for things to get back to normal is a bit like spring fever. I want it so bad I'm craving it, but forces beyond my control are saying, HAVE PATIENCE!
Anyway, this is a load of babble, but that's where I'm at. Hope you are doing well!


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