I am completely out of sorts today. When my alarm went off, I did not want to get out of bed, but I used my little trick of looking at Facebook on my phone which always keeps my attention long enough to wake me up. Once I got to the bathroom, I was trying to think of what to train. Many of the back exercises I have been doing are irritating my knee. And I can't train legs. Come to think of it, dancing, walking and Let's see... Just about everything irritates my knee. I was so tired, headache-y and crabby that I decided to try to get some extra sleep. But I didn't fall back asleep, despite feeling like the sandman put some extra gritty rocks in my eyes. Instead, I lay awake thinking about how frustrated I am that I can't do much with this stupid knee. My mood was foul when I got back up.
I brought my son to a doctor's appointment, as they are still checking to make sure his medicine is working well for him, then got him to school and I came to work and was able to sneak over to the lab and get my blood drawn to test for leukemia. It's 5:30 pm and I still have an hour of work left, and my yawning is nearly non-stop. Hope I'm not catching my son's head cold.
Not eating on plan or on schedule today. I am feeling quite vegetative in general, and really can't wait to go to bed tonight.
Today is not normal. Tomorrow is a chance to get things back in place.
Some days are just not for forcing things.


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