Quick Update

A quick update to bring you up to speed.
1 yr ago, aweful knee pain while running my last 5k ever.
3 mos ago, Shingles and after two days on meds, left knee once again swells to mammoth proportions. Dr says, "you're already on steroids, that's the best thing for it"
Last month, new dr, knee still swollen, potent round of non- steroid anti inflammatory drug. After being off it for two days, knee swells once again.
Last week, another round of NSAID drug and some x-rays. Then a referral to an orthopedic specialist who was the first one to take me seriously that I am not just a fat old lady who strained my knee going to fridge to fetch a Buick-sized snack. A lovely cortisone shot and an MRI scheduled.
Tomorrow I will have the MRI done as the ortho dr thinks I may have a torn meniscus. If all goes well, I will get the MRI results on Thursday and I'll know what it is I'm dealing with. At least, osteoarthritis has been ruled out for now. The knee looks more normal now than it has in months. Hoping for good news. I have to try to lay perfectly still for 30-45 minutes, that is truly going to be a challenge. I will be happy to put this whole thing behind me. Meniscus tear=surgery. Crossing my fingers I just strained something going to the fridge. And that will be the only time you ever hear me wish that!
Happy Monday friends!


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