The Arrow

I am forcing myself to take a break from activity today, to let my body catch some much needed rest.  It isn't easy because I am starting to see some positive changes, which makes me want to push and push, but it is necessary.  I have been craving higher fat foods today, and I have used healthy foods to fulfill.  I am still tracking and still drinking a lot of fluids to help.  Usually when I start craving fats, it is a precursor to my body about to step up the metabolism another level, and if I listen to my body without binge-eating, I am almost always rewarded with awesome results.
It has been really nice relaxing for a change.  I feel rested and ready for my whopping 2 hour shift.
Since not much else is going on, I will leave this image I swiped off someone on Facebook.
Have a great Thursday!
I love this!


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