Tuesday Babble

Since I began this journey, I have tried to convince myself that daily weigh-ins are not productive, but when I am seeing the numbers going down, it is hard not to look.  Less than 2 weeks ago, I weighed in at 181, and today I the scale showed me 173.  Every time I get "back on the wagon" I am so relieved that my body responds fairly easily to the changes, but this time I was really worried that it would be a much tougher hill to climb.  I am feeling the gravity of my age/weight, and the years of not caring for my body.  But slowly, I am starting to see changes in the mirror and on the scale.  I am noticing my clothes easing again and my a slight hint at some of that muscle I once worked so hard on.  I am realizing that the key to staying on top of this, is to be ever-present, to always remind myself what I am doing and why; weighing out choices and consequences.  And, thinking about long-term.
Today was an absolutely beautiful morning, sunny and mild, and even though I had such a complete lack of energy, and my hip/heel was bothering me, I decided to treat myself to a change of scenery and go for a walk along the riverfront in my city.  It was first walk intended for cardio since the surgery, and I walked for an hour, I was so enamored with the city and the beautiful weather.  And when I was done, I felt like I'd done my body some serious good, and a little more awake.
I caught myself wanting something not productive to eat on two occasions this morning, once when I was driving my kids to school and we stopped at a convenience store for "snacks"~ I opted for a root beer flavored pack of gum (sugar-free) and a diet coke, which I saved for my lunch.  The other occasion was after I returned from my walk.  I was home alone and could have eaten whatever I wanted in any quantity. I also thought about not tracking my food anymore.  Then I realized what I was doing, celebrating the fact that the scale was moving by eating "on instinct" which generally translates to portion sizes out of control and eating a little bit of whatever I want.  All those extra calories and sugars add up, even if it's just a little bit of each thing.  I was also very hungry, as it was after 9:30 am and I hand't eaten yet.  After I ate my oatmeal, I was fine, and staying on track was easy.
I am hoping this is a trend that continues.  I have never been a fan of tracking, it feels too fussy, but it really has helped me realize some things about my eating habits/ thought patterns.  I think the benefit of not following some sort of "diet" or plan that has been laid out based upon some majority/average person is good.  It is forcing me to think for myself, and see what is working and what is not working for my body.  I think the weight I'm losing right now is due to the fact that I can finally do cardio again, I'm not eating a bunch of unnatural, processed stuff (I'm not 100% there, but dramatically closer) and that I am finally paying attention to serving sizes.  Sometimes I am honestly amazed by what constitutes a serving size, and even more amazed that 1 serving of most things satisfies me.  Most people eat way more than they need to, because they assume they need a certain volume of food in order to stay full, but if you are eating the right things, you will be satisfied until your next meal/snack.
One of my latest favorites things I love to eat is Food For Life's 7-sprouted grains English muffin (one half) with 2 Tbsp natural peanut butter and five red grapes cut in half.  It tastes so much like PB&J it's amazing!  
My knee feels really good, and the weather has been really pleasant, and I don't even mind the easing back into work.  I think this spring is looking pretty sweet.
Happy Tuesday!  Hope your week is going great!


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