Do They Make Bike Seats This Size?

Its funny how life can just be cruising along fine, and I'm looking forward to things and feeling good, and then something happens to throw a wrench in the universe.  Yesterday was bizzarro day for sure.  It started off so good, I felt good, and went about my business, brushing off small things with a smile on my face.  Then, near the end of my workday, my coworker called to say he'd been fired.  That threw the rest of my day off.  Not only do I feel horrible for him, he's a middle-aged man with a lot of debt, but now that leaves exactly two people for two offices, and hiring someone at my company is usually a 3 month process.  Little things like doctor appointments and school conferences will seem monstrous to try and accomplish on a skeleton crew, and my husband has nearly used up all of his personal time. 
When I got home, I had to really fight to not eat junk, my mind was screaming for it, and I had let it go too long between meals.  But I made a sensible vegan chicken dinner with a salad.  And then I ate two tortilla chips.  And then I ate a cup of granola.  Sigh.  Luckily I stopped before I got carried away.  My kids were fighting constantly last night, and finally, exhausted from yelling at them to separate themselves and keep their hands to themselves, I put them to bed.  My youngest seemed on-edge and I pried and pried to see if I could get to the bottom of just what it was he felt he needed to get out of his system.  He wouldn't tell me.  I could tell something was really bothering him, some secret he has that he admitted he was too embarassed to talk about, but it was making him act out.  And then, before he drifted off, he was having strange sensations in his throat and lungs, and it was worrying me.  But he slept.  And so did I.  And when I woke up this morning, the usual sleepy gut reaction came around, tempting me to stay in bed, but I knew if I did, it would lead to a slippery downhill slide into laze.  So despite the beautiful, humid morning, I did stationary bike indoors.  The air conditioning felt nice, and once I got into my groove, I was really enjoying the bike.  It bothered my knee ever so slightly, but I could feel it working muscles that needed to be worked, and my heart got a great workout.  When I got done, I went for a short walk, to loosen my leg muscles and to feel the morning a little before spending the rest of my days indoors.
Today has gone smoothly so far, and I even had a really great treat when I got to work, walking down the steps to my office, I was anticipating the usual pain that comes with descending stairs, and today, for the first time in more than a year, I didn't have any!  It must have been the biking.  My only major hangup on stationary biking is that it is indoors, and I feel like I'm missing out on summer cardio outdoors, so I am thinking about buying a bicycle for myself. 
So today is good.  I'm taking everything in stride and feeling good, no food issues, no stress.  I'm thinking of that spring move to California and it just keeps sounding better and better to me, just being able to be outside all year round sounds like a dream.
Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Go for it and get a bike. Cycling outside is a million times better than the stationary cycle.

    1. I plan to price some up this weekend. A lot of things are on "end-of-summer" clearance already, I'm sure to get a great price.


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