Test Results

I finally got my blood test results and am breathing a sigh of relief.  There is a real reason I have been so exhausted and weak.  My iron levels are low and my vitamin D levels are nearly at 0.  So I will begin a supplementation regimen and hopefully will be feeling better in no time.  It will be nice when my body has the energy to do what my mind wants it to do.  While I didn't get exact numbers, it was noted that my bad cholesterol was "slightly elevated" (nothing to be concerned with) and I am being "prescribed" to exercise daily.  I am so grateful that it is not something I need to go back on meds for, and I'm really really happy it is not diabetes.  To be fair, I am as I have been for some time, eating good most of the day, but then having something not good.  Lately my addiction is to salty tortilla chips, but I've been eating sweets too.  None of it good, but I was living in that mentality that I can't fix what is broken with my unattractive outside until I know what's wrong with the inside.  Now I know. 
Last night my knee hurt worse than it has in quite some time, and I was really worried because I didn't do anything to it.  And this  morning, both knees ached like arthritis.  So the Vitamin D deficiency makes a lot of sense now, it can cause pain in the bones and joints, weakness and fatigue.  I am surprised about the anemia, because I have been vegetarian before with no issues.  All part of my aging process I suppose.  I am hoping the supplementation will help my knee feel better in general.  Maybe it wasn't post-op pain but the deficiency. 
I am starting a very aggressive dose of Vitamin D (50,000 units per week) and iron supplement.  I have a feeling I will feel that pretty quickly.
I've got nothing else to babble about.  I am relieved to finally know why I feel so bad and hopeful that help is on the way and I will be able to end this summer with a bang!


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