I was standing at the mirror the other day, and I always tend to focus on my shoulders and collerbone where there has been recent loss and definition, that makes me feel good.  Then I looked at my stomach(s) and was surprised to see how much flatter it is.  I kept thinking it is an optical illusion, my stretchy shirt has worn out and is draping more, but then I remembered how, just a mere week before I started cleaning things up, the fat on my butt could actually touch my lower back.  I had never experienced that before and it disgusted and concerned me.  Now, it's like that was a dream or something.  I can't get my butt to touch my back even if I try hard.  But the scale only shows 12 pounds lost.  That is puzzling to me, but it's also a reason I don't really weigh myself much and when I do, I don't put much stock in it. 
I had a little higher carb weekend but no alcohol and when I had carbs I also had fats and proteins with it.  I made a BLT dip for church and ate crackers with it.  We didn't eat at any restaurants this weekend either so I kept it pretty well on-track other than the dip, which was keto-friendly but with cream cheese, sour cream AND mayo in it, it wasn't exactly low fat or nutritious. 
I have been letting a little more caffeine creep back in too.  An extra cup of coffee here, an energy drink one day, a soda another day...its not earth shattering, but those little indulgences are so easy to make a habit if I let myself cave.  So back to one cup of coffee per day so that it doesn't become a slippery slope.
Instead of the bike or cardio this weekend, I found some stretches for piriformis and popping hip syndrome.  They made me feel good one day and irritated my lower body the next.  I even tried some chair squats to no avail.  I see my chiropractor again tomorrow, I may ask him if I can start doing specific things to help.  I'm so sick of my hips feeling bad in one form or another; if it isn't snapping and grinding, then I feel like a tendon is getting caught on my butt bone and it feels like a cramp.  I will see it through with the chiropractor, he is very knowledgeable and helpful, but our sessions are literally like 5 minutes and done. I just have to buck up and tell him.  Right now he's focusing on straightening out my spine, which I do believe will help things align better and may help some of the issues I'm having, but I know my weak muscles will have to be addressed at some point too.
Anyway...I feel like I'm in a really good place with this right now.  I don't overthink food too much, I bring pre-planned food with me where I go and everything is smooth.  I'm not trying to make myself eat stuff I only quasi-like.  This week I am eating egg white patty crust mini pizzas, a nut and mullberry mix, BLT salad, peanut butter protein balls that I made, and chicken with broccoli, lightly drizzled with terriyaki sauce and sesame seeds.  Its all tasty and easy.  No big stress about how to make it more interesting, I'm not sick of any of it and it's realatively healthy.  I like that it feels easy right now so I can focus on other stuff because my mind doesn't like more than one focus at a time!  I need to start getting things ready for my trip next month, as the family historian now I have a lot of work to get done so I can present my family research at our family gathering. 
 I was hoping my body would be feeling better by now and I could be more active but life has it's own plans.  I will keep on the path I am on as long as posible, always leaving room for life and it's other ideas but knowing that doesn't knock my off the path if I don't want it to.  No cravings right now, I'm so grateful for that, enough energy to get through my day, and a general sense of well-being.  That's a pretty great place to be!


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