Up on Wednesday

Ever wake up with such a positive, happy feeling that it almost as if music is playing in your head and you just want to dance?  Well, I guess I didn't wake up that way, I was pretty groggy, but by the time I left the house this morning I felt that way.  What a wonderful way to start the day! 
Part of my good mood is owed to trying on clothes.  Usually I hate to do it, but today I had to go a little outside my box because my chiropractor appointments require me to wear pants.  I pulled out some black pants that have inconsistently fit me depending on where I am at with my weight loss journey.  They fit and are even comfortable.  Win.  Then I finally got to pair them with a slinky, smart little tan sweater I have had hanging out in the "off-season-or-too-small " bin.  I love this sweater.  It feels like the sweater that moms who are "put together" wear, but I've always thought I needed lighter clothes to wear with/under it until I tried with my black stuff today and found it looks really fresh and good.  Plus, it isn't all baggy so it is actually kind of slimming.  I topped off my look with some accent wooden jewelry and a Buddha necklace and I feel sharp and good.  An extra cup of coffee this morning may also have helped boost my mood.  I feel like dancing and there's no music on, but I have heard a bunch of good music today and one of the songs stuck in my head has a house music vibe so it automatically makes me want to dance. 
Which has me thinking, maybe I am ready to start considering getting up a half hour earlier to get some exercise.  I was not sure I could swing it, being that I only get about 7 hours of sleep as it is, but to try and think I will have the energy after work is a little...unrealistic.  Truth is, I feel generally tired most of the time, day or night, because I don't really do much to increase my energy.  No matter when I would do it I would have to push past that feeling, and there is way more chance of interuption or excuses not to at night, when I have people demanding things of me.  So I am seriously considering it.  My new Fitbit Versa watch is telling me I am only getting 5,000-6,000 steps a day so far this week, which feels kind of low compared to what I was getting wearing the Fitbit Zip (on the hip).  Not sure if that is because I truly am walking less or if the sensor is different.  At any rate, I am still sore in the hips, I imagine the spine is going to take a good long time to get reshaped or moved.  I do notice things pop nice and easy and fit into place better the day I get an adjustment, so I know it's doing good stuff.  It feels so strange though, my legs feel awkward; after being an inch different in length I think they are coming closer to even because I almost feel like I have to relearn how to walk now that my left leg is not so much farther off the ground.  The human body is remarkable! 
I may ask my chiropractor if I can start doing some strength training stuff since the adjustments aren't making me sore anymore.  I feel like I'm ready for the first time in years.  I want to strenthen my lower body so that the healing goes faster, then I can walk more, even if it's at work during the winter.  I want to get my blood pressure naturally lower so I can get off the medicine.  I want to feel this happy and good all the time, and I want to go "shopping" in my "too small" clothes bin because I have some absolutley adorable clothes waiting for me in there and the best part is, they are already paid for so it's like winning a free shopping trip! 
So today is very up.  And that's how Wednesdays should be, right?


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